Halo Eyebrows! Would You Try This Trend?

Just when you think you’ve seen every bizarre, funny, or ridiculous makeup trend, comes another beauty novelty to surprise us all. Meet halo eyebrows, the newest eyebrow trend popularized by Hannah Lyne!

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1. What are halo eyebrows?

The first time we’ve seen halo eyebrows was in March of 2018, when a photo of a 16-year old makeup fan and influencer Hannah Lyne was uploaded to her Instagram feed. The photo instantly generated a lot of buzz, hundreds of comments, and endless discussions in online magazines.There was only question everyone was asking after seeing the new eyebrow look: have we finally taken beauty trends too far? However, Hannah didn’t take the criticism of her makeup innovation too seriously and said she did it just for fun and was inspired by many other crazy eyebrow trends.

2. How to recreate halo eyebrows?

If you’ve found halo eyebrows to be cute and quirky and want to see what this trend will look like on your own face, there is nothing complicated about this trend! To recreate this look, you will need your favourite eyebrow product.

However, not every product will work. Dry textures, for example, eyebrow powders, are not your best option. An eyebrow pencil will work better, but you’ll have to put in extra effort to keep the look natural. Finally, an eyebrow pomade is the best way to recreate halo eyebrows.

To try halo eyebrows, simply highlight your eyebrows using the pomade and brush and then continue the line around your forehead, creating a loop until the eyebrows meet in the centre of the forehead. That’s it, your halo eyebrow look is complete!

3. Other crazy eyebrow trends

Halo eyebrows may be the latest unusual eyebrow trend to appear in the beauty field, but it’s certainly not the only one! Here are 5 other trends that surely made us raise an eyebrow in surprise.

Feather brows are not everyone’s cup of tea, but Instagram makeup artists had a blast trying to recreate this look, which only requires some clear eyebrow gel or eyelash glue, as well as a spoolie eyebrow brush for creating a middle part.

Squiggly eyebrows were also created as a joke, but soon this trend got so much traction, that it not only began to be recreated by professional makeup artists and Instagram models, but also received its own Snapchat filter!

Glitter eyebrows are, perhaps, the least surprising crazy beauty trend – after all, glitter has been an important part of the makeup world for years and it’s great for the times when you need to make an impression. There are so many glitter colours and types to try on your eyebrows!

Reverse eyebrows are a fantastic thing to try if you want to mess with people’s minds with the help of makeup. The idea behind this trend is to point the tip of your eyebrow to the inner corner of your eye instead of the outer corner.

Rainbow eyebrows aren’t as crazy as some of the other beauty trends we’ve featured today. In fact, coloured eyebrows have been around for ages – people dye their eyebrows to match their hair colour or even today’s mood!

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