Kamdora Lace Style: Top Looks Of 2018

Thousands of Nigerian ladies follow Kamdora fashion to stay in touch with the latest clothing trends and tips. As always, various lace styles remain a favourite among fashionistas, and here are top 20 Kamdora lace styles 2018!

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1. Kamdora lace gown styles

Dress Kamdora lace styles are one of the most popular things to wear to weddings and other special occasions where you want to look your best.

Ankara gown with lace are, perhaps, the most innovative way to rock the lace trend, and the asymmetry of this gown is another nice touch.

Cute, feminine, stylish, and appropriate for the most special of occasions – what’s not to like about this white and pink lace gown?

Dark green lace is perfect for the autumn and winter season, so you can start preparing your green lace gown with adorable floral detailing in advance!

Peplum is one of the most popular things to add to Kamdora cord lace styles, which is not surprising – peplum can balance out your figure and make your look more chic.

Pink lace is a popular choice among Nigerian fashionistas, and this delicate colour looks fantastic in all kinds of gowns, especially streamlined and elegant like this one.

One of the coolest renditions of the lace gown trend we’ve seen lately is the inverted colour scheme of these two glamorous wedding guests.

You don’t need to wear a fully lace gown to make an impression – even small but effective fragments of lace against a contrasting background are an easy way to make heads turn.

Want to upgrade your monochrome pink lace gown? Add a contrasting gele and invest into the frilled detailing of the neckline!

Lace and sequins are truly a match made in heaven: this sparkly silver dress will make you impossible to miss at any party.

Cord lace is famously a very elegant fabric, but this regal gown with golden accents looks even more sophisticated than one could expect.

2. Kamdora lace skirt and blouse styles

Different lace skirt and blouse styles are as popular as gowns and give you more freedom for creating various stylish combinations.

Turquoise is such a summer staple that if you don’t own anything in this colour, it’s about time to treat yourself to a turquoise skirt and blouse!

Creating a contrast in your look is always a good idea, and nothing works better than the iconic black and white colour combination.

If one layer of peplum isn’t enough for your fashion sense anymore, why not go with a glorious three-layered peplum?

Most of the cord lace blouse styles are designed for weddings and other important events, but, when paired with the right skirt, your lace blouse can be a great choice for office.

Ankara lace styles are the most popular fabric pairings in Nigerian fashion, but we believe that lace and satin are another beautiful combination that everyone should try.

Some believe that white on weddings is reserved exclusively for the bride, but some of the more fashion-forward ladies can rock white lace anywhere!

Burnt orange is the colour that is simply perfect for dark complexion, and sparkly detailing takes the whole look to the next level.

We’ve seen hundreds of different ways to combine lace and Ankara is one beautiful look, but this one definitely caught our attention.

Champagne and blue lace styles are elegant, complimentary to your skin tone, and very flattering – so that’s at least three reasons for you to try them!

Asymmetry is a popular way to upgrade a basic lace gown: the asymmetric peplum and bodice detailing make this look very eye-catching!

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