How To Know My Glo Number

Although some people never had this problem, knowing how to check Glo number on your phone can save you from many embarrassing situations in the future. If you often forget or confuse number on your mobile phone, here is the answer to your question: “How to know my Glo number in Nigeria?

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1. Why do you need it?

If you’ve only had a single phone number for years or as long as you’ve owned a mobile phone, the problem of forgetting your own number may seem ridiculous to you. However, it happens to people more often than you can imagine!

The most common reason why mobile users wonder: “How can I check my Glo number?” is when they have 2 SIM cards installed in the same device. Plus, sometimes you don’t use one SIM card for a long time and then struggle to remember its number. In any case, here are 3 easy methods to learn how to know my Glo number.

2. How to check your Glo number: 3 methods

1. Method 1: USSD code

It’s no secret that every mobile service provider has a selection of USSD codes that can be dialled on any mobile device to reveal all kinds of information. Glo has USSD codes for every situation imaginable, and, naturally, they have a code to check Glo number.

The quickest way to find out your Glo number is to dial a USSD code. Type *135*8# on your phone and press “call”. In just a few seconds your mobile phone number will be displayed on your screen in an international format, starting with 234 – use 0 instead of 234 to turn it into a local format.

2. Method 2: call

As every Glo customer knows, this provider has one of the best customer support services in the country. The Glo support team can assist you with any issue or request, and telling you your mobile phone number is one of the things they can help you with.

How to check my Glo number on my phone? Simply dial 1244 on your phone to reach the menu. There you will hear an option for learning your mobile number. Press the required digit or combination of digits and the system will tell you your number. You can always do it all once again if you don’t catch the number on the first try.

3. Method 3: online

If you own a device with access to the internet and want to know your Glo number, you can visit Glo’s customer care website. Copy and paste the following link into your browser or type the link by hand:

Glo’s self care portal offers a variety of services for Glo customers and is only available from Glo-powered devices. After opening the link on your mobile phone, you will see your phone number in the top right corner of the page. Write it down or save as a not to never lose it again!

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