LG TV Price In Nigeria + Buying Guide

A TV may have been a luxury decades ago, but today it’s simply a necessity. The importance of having at least one TV for the family isn’t up for a debate, but how exactly to pick a TV that will make everyone happy? Find out how to choose a LG led TV and check out the LG led TV price in Nigeria!

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1. LED TV buying guide

Before we move on to the LG TV  price in Nigeria, let’s find out how to make the right choice when shopping for a new LED TV. Here are some tips for choosing a TV everyone will love.

  1. Don’t get too focused on specifications. Like with many other devices and gadgets, LED TVs come with a variety of specs that are very easy to get lost in, but not many of them have a real effect on your enjoyment from watching. Pay attention to the screen size, dimensions, resolution, and additional features like Smart TV.
  2. The bigger resolution, the better. You can be perfectly happy with a 1080p TV for a couple of years, but if you want to make a purchase that will last you for more than that, invest in a 4K TV.
  3. OLED TVs offer the best picture quality, but they are the most expensive options, and a LED TV is the next best thing.
  4. Look for LED TVs with local dimming and full-array LED backlights to enjoy the highest quality of the picture.
  5. If your room is filled with sunlight most of the day, consider getting a TV with a matte screen. If you often watch TV during the night when there is no natural light, a glossy screen TV will work perfectly.
  6. When it comes to LED TVs, size actually matters. While a 32-inch and smaller TV sets are perfectly affordable and offer great picture quality, you can get a much more enjoyable watching experience from a 40-inch TV for the bedroom and 50+-inch TV for the living room.
  7. Don’t make an impulse purchase. A TV is a rather major investment, and the best time to shop for one is the end of the year, when you have a chance of scoring a money-saving deal. In the spring TVs are freshly released and, therefore, at their highest price.

2. LG LED TV price

Whether you already know what kind of TV you want or are still looking for options, this LG TV price list will help you make up your mind.

1. 20-inch LED TV

The most affordable way to own an LG LED TV is a 20-inch 20MN47A model. This TV has the resolution of 1920*1080 pixels and costs from 45,000.

2. 24-inch LED TV

A slightly more expensive option with a 24-inch screen is the 24MT48A model. This TV comes with Full HD functionality, and the LG LED TV 24 inch price is 60,000.

3. 32-inch LED TV

There are several LG 32 inch LED TV options you can go for. The lowest LG LED TV 32 inch price is 75,000 for the 32LF510A model, but the slightly higher LG flat screen TV 32 inch price of 130,000 for the 32LF631V will get you a 1080HD TV.

4. 42-inch LED TV

If you’re not scared away by the LG plasma TV32 inch price and have even more money to spend on your new TV, we suggest going for the 42-inch Full HD 42LB550. The LG 42 inch LED TV price in Nigeria starts at 170,000.

5. 55-inch LED TV

If you’re looking for a fantastic LED TV with a 55-inch screen for your living room, you’ll definitely like the Full HD 55LF551 model. You can get it for 300,000!

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