How To Make Catfish Grow Faster

Fish farming in Nigeria is one of the most prospective industries. Catfish production nowadays attracts more and beginning entrepreneurs, and everyone’s looking for how to hatch catfish properly. It is not as complicated as some think, but there are still some tips & tricks to keep in mind.

How to rear catfish

Catfish has a smooth-skinned bluish- or greenish-gray body and whiskered barbels. A distinctive feature of this species is its size – it can reach 4 feet and weight over 20 kg. Catfish spawn from late May through July, when the water temperature reaches low twentieth. The eggs hatch in 7-10 days.

Thus, breeding requires good skills and proper timing. It would be useful to work at fish farm before starting your own business, to take a basic marketing course or consultation, and to learn basic regulations in farming industry. Then prepare to work a lot.

how to hatch catfish

The majority doesn’t breed catfish they farm but prefer to rely on fingerlings purchased to stock a pond from reliable suppliers. Catfish requires large pond with flat bottom, good air supply and clear draining paths, as well as feed and chemical delivery system.

The perfect environment for breeding is with clean water and “neat” bottom. Heavy rainfalls and tree roots, as well as burrowing animals, interfere with comfortable breeding conditions. It is necessary to cut vegetation, control water quality and keep predators out.

How to feed catfish

Proper feed is what makes catfish grow fast. Catfish is bottom-feeder. In the natural habitat it consumes insects, mollusks, crayfish, various crustaceans and even other fish. Large fish may also consume young fish. To avoid this, you should provide enough food and define best time of day to feed catfish.

Actually, the well-balanced pond environment ensures enough plants and insects for fish to consume. If you are looking for a way how to make catfish grow faster or feel like catfish growth booster is necessary, use nutritionally balanced catfish feed.

how to hatch catfish

There’s no one single answer to what is the best food for catfish. It depends on the local ecosystem and soil on the bottom. Best fish feed in Nigeria is balanced feed used regularly from the beginning of production season.

How to make catfish grow fast

When it comes to catfish farming, some are looking for a magic growth booster. However, a real booster is a complex of favorable factors that influence catfish and its habitat directly. Good news: you don’t have to look for something extraordinary. You just need to provide constant control over the environment. Here are seven points on your checklist to control:

  1. Pond – deep and spacious enough.
  2. Breed – focus not on size, but on local breeds.
  3. Density – avoid violation of stocking rules.
  4. Regular feeding – both with natural food and supplements.
  5. Water – refresh your pond regularly and control water quality.
  6. Monitoring – prevent problems before they get serious.
  7. Timing – don’t rush to sell a lot of fish; create a proper plan and follow it.

If you don’t know how to start catfish farming in Nigeria, you can learn it really fast. However, raising big catfishes is not an easy task. Reaching profitable big size in limited time takes a lot of preparation and attention. Keep up with the checklist to reach the expected results.