How Much Is DSTV Decoder: Current Prices

Digital Satellite Tv (or DSTV) was offered to customers in 1995. Today, the service offers satellite base cable TV in 48 countries of Africa.

To start using DSTV, you will need a device called «decoder» and buy a subscription package. The market currently offers HD and Explora decoders with the number of options for various accessories.

More than that, DSTV service offers 6 subscription packages for Nigerians with the most expensive «premium» for at N14,700/month and the the cheapest one for N1,600/month.

Let’s take a look at the Nigeria’s current DCTV price list!

current price of dstv decoder

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1. How much is DSTV decoder?

There are 2 variations of DSTV decoders offered in the country at the moment;

  • HD DSTV decoders.
  • Explora decoders.

Note that the current price of DSTV decoder may vary depending on which accessories you buy it with.

dstv price list

2. DSTV Explora Decoder: Features & Prices

Explora is the most expensive and the best device type. The price for the decoder may range from N40,000 to N60,000 depending on the set of accessories.

So, Explora is a better option than HD, and here are the things that make it so unique:

  • Pause/Resume/Rewind options for the live stations translation.
  • Recording allows recording your fav Tv show for up to 220 hours.
  • Internet Access/Downloading: If you have missed the last or few episodes of your favorite series – here comes the perfect solution.
  • Box-Office option gives you the opportunity to rent BB movies for 48 hours.

Other possibilities offer the organized playlist and ultra-clear picture quality.

Let’s check out how much is DCTV Explora:

  • Explora decoder device itself is N40,000.
  • Explora + Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DSTV Compact Subscription costs N51,600.
  • Explora Decoder + Smart LNB will be yours for N39,000.
  • Explora + Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DSTV Compact Plus Subscription is N55,200
  • Explora Decoder with Dish kit, Smart LNB & 1 Month DSTV Premium Subscription will cost you N60,000.

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how much is dstv explora

3. DsTv HD Decoder Prices

DSTV HD is the most popular decoder type in most homes in Nigeria because it offers excellent video & sound quality for its price. Of course it doesn’t offer the unique options like Explora does, but you will have an access to all DSTV Nigeria’s channels/bouquets, available for Explora users.

Check out how much is DCTV HD:

  • HD Single View Decoder will cost you only N5,000.
  • HD + Dish Kit + 2 Months DSTV Access Subscription makes N7,900.
  • HD with Dish Kit and 1 Month DSTV Compact Subscription costs N9,900.
  • HD + Dish Kit and 1 Month DSTV Compact Plus Subscription will be yours for only N13,500.
  • Finally, HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DSTV Premium Subscription costs N18,300.

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how much is dstv

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