Plasma TV Prices In Nigeria: Top Models’ Full List

There are many indisputable advantages of plasma TVs: such pros as the flat bright screen, stylish design, the absence of magnetic and electric fields, no consolidation, linearity and focus problems, a great viewing angle, the resolution is exactly like the input channel have caused the high demand and certain plasma TV price.

We have got this top for you to check out the best latest models and plasma TV prices in Nigeria!

plasma TV price

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1. Top 32 inch plasma TV models

1.1. Vizio D40u-D1

Еhe D-series 4K Vizio televisions cost less but look just alike with the M-series if we talk about the design, specs & high functionality.

D-series TV’s have got the high-performance processors, excellent color & contrast performance characteristics. The front panel has a chief influence on viewing quality and has nearly the same high characteristics as the best models of M-series.


  • High picture definition, clarity and image edges.
  • One of the best solutions for gaming.
  • V6 processor (4-Core GPU is great for Amazon/Netflix Applications.
  • Affordable price.

Vizio D40u-D1 plasma 32 inch TV price is N108,150.

32 inch plasma TV

1.2. Samsung UN32J6300

This Samsung TV model is in the top-line of brands 1080p LED TV offers for today.

This is one of the most affordable models in the Samsung plasma TV price list. If you compare it to the J6200 series it has the Micro Dimming Pro option, normally existing in the TVs of higher price. This feature raises the contrast characteristics depending on the scene that is displayed.


  • Bright LED backlighting on the edges.
  • Attractive design with diligent tiny bezels make.
  • Samsung Smart Hub (streaming media, tons of apps).
  • 4-core processor with an improved performance.
  • Many of USB/HDMI inputs.

Samsung plasma TV price is N100,940.

Samsung plasma TV price list

1.3. LH550B LG plasma TV 32 inch

This is one more affordable model in LG plasma TV price list. At the same time, it is one of the best examples of LG’s most successful developments, that gives you numerous cool smart TV features, excellent picture mode settings and decent picture quality for its price.


  • Excellent picture Quality.
  • LG’s Triple XD engine.
  • Direct LED Backlighting.
  • Smart TV Connectivity Features.
  • Cool appearance.

LH550B LG plasma TV 32 inch price is N108,150. Find quality branded LG plasma TV’s on Jiji cheaper!

LG plasma TV 32 inch

2. Best 43 inch plasma TV

2.1. Samsung UN65NU7100FXZA

This TV is a very good Model of Samsung with an excellent picture quality. The screen is glossier than the H6350 had, but it reflects less light than the compared model. Also, UN65NU7100FXZA has an enhanced screen uniformity.

The TV also has Micro Dimming Pro feature, that improves the performance of black & white levels.


  • Good screen Reflection.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Excellent light flow from the edge lights.
  • Web browser.
  • Convenient on-screen menu Low input lag in game mode.
  • Affordable price.

Samsung 43 inch plasma TV price is N648,900.

Samsung 43 inch plasma TV price

2.2. TCL 32S305 1080p Roku TV

The brand’s engineers put lots of their efforts to give you the newest image-enhancing technologies like 4K or HDR, and the best example is TCL 32S305, that can be used in the more demanding viewing environments that his class «brothers».


  • Useful tech Roku Smart TV options and Smart TV Interface operation.
  • Affordable price.
  • Black level and contrast are even stronger than you can expect.

The TV’s price is N115,360.

plasma TV prices in Nigeria

2.3. LG UK6300PUE

The UK6300PUE by LG is an is your pass into the hi-end of the LED-LCD TV world. You will get all of the best features – 4K, magic remote, wide color range, and even the new Web OS3.5 system.


  • Perfect side angle viewing features.
  • Higher than average picture quality.
  • Excellent gaming input lag performance.
  • Upscaling of SD signals.
  • LG WebOS3.5 one of the best Smart TVs on market.
  • Affordable price.
  • HLG/HDR10 formats support.

LG plasma TV price in Nigeria is N118,965.

LG plasma TV price list

3. Best 60 inch plasma TV models

3.1. LG OLED65C8

You can hardly beat this model for the cinema-like environment features. LG OLED65C8

has much better contrast and color than other models in this class. Smart software, cinematic picture quality, and elegant design – can you ask for more from a TV?


  • Amazing picture quality.
  • Wide-ranging features.
  • Stylish design.

60 inch LG plasma TV price is N1,149,995.

60 inch LG plasma TV price

3.2. Samsung 65Q9FN

This model is definitely the best LCD TV you have ever met.

Samsung’s much-hyped QLED technology with the 65-inch can really surprise the most experienced connoisseurs. By uniting QLED’s extraordinary brightness and colors with the direct backlighting, the Brand has made a winning solution, while this formula delivers you the finest 4K hi-dynamic picture you have ever seen.

Its HDR picture and progressive processor makes TV content of nearly all resolutions look just great!


  • The best image quality you can get from an LCD.
  • Excellent HDR features.
  • Amazing sound quality.

The average market price of 65Q9FN TV is N1,261,750.

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Samsung plasma TV for sale

3.3. Panasonic TX65FZ952B

Firstly, this is an amazingly designed TV model!

Secondly, this is not even a TV – this is a picture & sound center. The device associates the perfect contrast 4K OLED HDR screen features with the brand-new Studio Colour HCX video processing that’s been turned to actual mini-Hollywood cinema theater to let you get the best video quality. The picture quality is just fantastic, the handling of shadow areas is nearly perfect. So you see the picture exactly as the directors wanted to finally see them.

The audio system was created in cooperation with the with the famous hi-fi experts. So they will put you in the center of the action with this TV!

This model is the classiest OLED around there. The first thing here is the smart sound bar, that has the astonishing 12 drivers for the audio experience.


  • Amazing 4K picture quality.
  • Elegant appearance.
  • Perfect soundbar.

The model’s price is N1,802,500.

plasma TV price

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