Wallpaper Designs For Home: Top 30 Latest Ideas

Interior design trends may come and go, but wallpaper remains the most popular way to decorate walls. Check out the latest wallpaper designs for every room in your house and pick your ideal room wallpaper design!

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1. Wallpaper design for bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we usually spend the longest. It’s a room designed for rejuvenating and sleep, which is why the bedroom wallpaper can’t be too outrageous. Luckily, there are are plenty of interior design wallpapers that are ideal for the tranquillity of a bedroom.

Few colour combinations for wallpaper design can be as elegant as grey and silver, and it works perfect for any bedroom.

Wallpaper design for home, especially bedroom wallpaper designs, cannot be imagined without florals, especially bright flowers against a white background.

Black and white wallpaper remains a favourite among homeowners, and a subtle polka dot wallpaper is an excellent choice for a bedroom.

If you love the elegance of lace, why not incorporate it into your wallpaper for bedroom walls designs?

In case you don’t want to go for a bright floral wallpaper, consider the more subtle watercolour version of the popular floral theme.

Green wallpaper is obviously a very popular choice for a bedroom, but you can take it one step further and get the lively and stylish forest photo wallpaper!

Looking for a modern wallpaper design that is also very elegant and tasteful? Then pinstripes are your best choice!

Brick pattern is a timeless way to decorate bedrooms and it works great for so many different interiors!

2. Wallpaper design for living room

Wallpaper is a place where the whole family spends time together doing all kinds of activities, and living room wallpaper can be much more diverse and even daring than the wallpaper you’d put on your bedroom walls.

3d wallpaper for wall has become especially popular in the last few years, and it’s not surprising, since it looks simply breathtaking.

Explore the animalistic theme in your living room with the help of this eye-catching wallpaper.

For an especially elegantly-looking living room, consider getting fabric wallpaper or paper wallpaper with a fabric pattern!

Lightweight, elegant, and perfect for a living room – what’s not to love about this feather wallpaper?

Gold is featured in so many types of living room wallpaper, but it looks especially stunning in vintage wallpaper designs.

For a hip and stylish living room, the wallpaper needs to be visually arresting, and this cute pattern with kisses is a great option!

Textured wallpaper designs for living room wall are super hot right and there are hundreds to choose from.

This Moroccan-style wallpaper is very recognizable thanks to the very fine pattern and sophisticated colour scheme.

3. Wallpaper design for kitchen

There are no strict rules for decorating a kitchen with wallpaper, which means you can pick any style and pattern you like.

Sapphire blue patterned wallpaper will delight you every time you step into your kitchen!

Newspaper wallpaper looks fantastic in any room, but it really shines in a kitchen.

Even simple stripes can look very elegant in kitchen wallpaper as long as you get the colours right.

3D tiles with a textured pattern is one of the coolest and most modern wallpaper designs.

This gold wallpaper would have been a great option for any room in the house, but it simply lights up this kitchen.

The kitchen is the ideal place to rock cute and bright nature-inspired wallpaper with leaves and plants.

Orange wallpaper can breathe life into any kitchen, especially if it’s filled with adorable images of fruits.

4. Wallpaper design for nursery

The nursery wallpaper should be subdued enough not to disturb the baby, but it should also help develop the baby’s imagination and keep your little one bright and cheerful.

Choose wallpaper with a constellation pattern for your future explorer and fan of space!

Let your little princess spend her time in a room filled with her favourite colours and complete with pink striped wallpaper.

All kids love nature and floral designs, and birds add an even happier feel to this already cute wallpaper.

With this wallpaper, which is decorated with blank frames, your little artist will finally have an excuse to draw on the walls!

The starry and clouded sky of this chic white and grey wallpaper will put your baby in the right mood for sound sleeping.

For a more grown-up baby, choose wallpaper with a bold pattern to develop their artistic aspirations.

Polka dot wallpaper has been a mainstay of nurseries for decades now and it’s not going anywhere!

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