20 Worst Celebrity Parents Of All Time

The celebrities on this list have done something right at some point in their lives, something that has gained them endless amounts of fame and fortune. Sadly, having children and being a parent will never be on their list of greatest achievements. At least, not when you take into account their lack of parenting skills or interest in the well-being of their kids.

Some of these celebs have completely ignored their children, some have betrayed their trust, some have abused them, and still, others are so involved in their children’s lives that they don’t have a say about their future at all. Although this list consists of many celebrities who have inspired (and some who continue to inspire) many, the offspring of these celebrities are anything but lucky to have these individuals as role models.

Here are the 20 worst celebrity parents ever!

20. Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

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Why? While some might say that Ozzy and Sharon are the coolest parents in the whole wide world, we think they are pretty rotten. How else can you explain the fact that their daughter, Kelly, was a drug addict at the age of 13?

And their son Jack… Well, he got drunk for the first time when he was 14 and was, just a few years later, admitted to a child psychiatric ward for an addition to OxyContin. Where were Ozzy and Sharon when all this took place, we wonder. Sure, their mansion is big, but it can’t be THAT big…

19. Kate Moss

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Why? Supermodel Kate Moss landed on No. 19 on our list of Rotten Celeb Parents because she was busted for cocaine possession and used to let her daughter spend time with her crazy, drug addict boyfriend, Pete Doherty. She also made this list because she forgot her own kid’s third birthday. What kind of mom does that?

18. Larry Birkhead

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Why? As all of you probably already know, it was Larry Birkhead who turned out to be the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby girl, Danielynn. But after winning the lengthy custody battle against Smith’s lawyer and husband Howard K. Stern – among others – it was clear that Birkhead didn’t fight for his fatherly rights just because of his love for his daughter, but also for the truckloads of cash that the baby might bring him in the future.

And he has already made some dough of his little baby girl by granting interviews and photo ops… That Larry was in such a hurry to make money off the fact that he was the one with “the most potent sperm” makes him a pretty rotten parent in our book.

17. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards

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Why? Because this Hollywood couple has been engaged in such an extremely public custody dispute that it will haunt their two daughters for the rest of their lives! Richards has accused Sheen for visiting prostitutes and for having both gambling and drug problems. She has also said that Sheen has threatened to kill her and that he thinks that formula causes brain damage. Sheen has denied all these allegations and has, in turn, claimed that Richards has requested his sperm in order to have another child.

Strangely enough, the couple has finally reached an agreement regarding the custody of the kids, but the fact remains – parents who publicly humiliate each other and in the long run their own children, are rotten!


16. Joan Crawford

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Why? Because, according to reports, actress Joan Crawford was a cruel and unusual mom. It is said that she used to abuse her kids in weird ways. The rumor has it that she showered her daughter Christina with gifts, just to force her to give them away and that she cut her daughter’s hair off when she found out that she was using makeup.

Crawford adopted five children, though she raised only four. A year and a half after Crawford’s death (she died in 1977), her daughter Christina published a bestseller entitled, “Mommie Dearest” (it later became a movie), which contained allegations that Crawford was emotionally and physically abusive to both her and her brother, Christopher.

15. Nancy Aniston

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Why? Sorry, but we just had to include Jennifer Aniston’s mom, Nancy Aniston, on our list, even though she is not really famous. And why did we? Well, because this mom from hell granted an interview about her daughter to a tabloid television show to capitalize on her daughter’s fame. But when Jennifer got angry and cut all ties with her mother, what did Nancy do? Patch things up with her daughter? No, instead she wrote a book called “From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir”. The book was all about how to cope with estrangement from an adult child. How disgusting is that?

14. Jaid Barrymore

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Why? Because Drew Barrymore‘s mom (who is probably most famous for posing for Playboy) showed her daughter how to party when she was just a kid. It is said that Jaid took Drew to Studio 54 almost before the child could walk. Drew was drinking at the age of nine and was snorting cocaine at 13. It is a miracle that the girl turned out sooooo great…

13. Pamela Anderson

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Why? Because Pamela Anderson brings home every weirdo, she can find and after a few dates simply marries them… Since it can’t be easy for her kids, Brandon and Dylan, to get a new step-dad every other month or so, we think Pamela Anderson deserves her own special place in this “Rotten Celeb Parents” category…

12. Dina Lohan

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Why? Because Dina is freeloading off her own daughter. The now-famous Dina Lohan, actress Lindsay Lohan’s mother, is trying to cash in on Lindsay’s fame and she has succeeded – she now has her own reality show! She even showed up at her own daughter’s birthday party with a whole camera crew – just to make a few extra bucks off her beloved offspring – That’s just immoral and totally rotten!

11. Eddie Murphy

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Why? Because the famous actor got the bubbly Melanie B. from Spice Girls pregnant and then refused to believe that the kid was his. A paternity test later showed that the child actually was Eddie’s, and he now takes care of the kid by paying child support… Do we need to say more?

10. Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

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Why? Because it is said that both Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown used to smoke crack in the house while their kid was there – a fact that makes them bad parents in our book!

Both Whitney and Bobby have been in rehab many times, and Brown has a long criminal record which includes arrests for drug possession, DUI, battery and violating parole. Whitney met Bobby at the 1989 Soul Train Music Awards. They got married in 1992 and had their daughter the year after. The Brown Bomber also has three other kids with different women.

9. David Hasselhoff

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Why? Because the former “Baywatch” star’s parental skills (or lack thereof) are a classic example of when a kid becomes the parent’s parent. In 2008, Hasselhoff’s own daughter, Taylor Ann, recorded a video of her shirtless dad when he is totally wasted. In the video, Hasselhoff is TRYING to eat a hamburger while his daughter tells him that he cannot drink any more alcohol!

8. Courtney Love

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Why? Because Courtney Love took, according to some magazines, heroin while she was pregnant. Love says that this is all a lie, but eleven years after she gave birth to her baby she lost custody of the child – after she overdosed on Oxycontin and got arrested for possession.

7. Woody Allen

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Why? Simply because Woody Allen married his own stepdaughter – a fact that makes him a really nasty dad in our book. By the way, all of you who say that you can’t love your kids too much – Mr. Allen has proved you wrong!

6. Hulk Hogan and Linda Bollea

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Why? Because Linda and Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan have been using their 17-year-old son, Nick, as a mediator in their bitter divorce, causing him to become introvert! Since we feel terribly sorry for Nick, we simply had to include his parents on our list!

However, we can’t go to the next on our list without mentioning the latest scary story that has surfaced – that Hulk has had a sexual affair with his daughter’s best friend, Christane Plante. Now that’s just simply rotten!

5. Kim Basinger

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Why? Well, because the actress used her own daughter to get back at her ex-husband, Alec Baldwin. In order to hurt her ex, Kim Basinger allegedly leaked a nasty voicemail (see the Alec Baldwin listing below) to the media. This proves to us that she doesn’t care all that much about her 11-year-old daughter’s feelings. The tape was played all over the world, and all that Kim really accomplished was humiliating her own daughter. A more inconsiderate mom is hard to find, and that’s why Kim Basinger is No. 5 on our Rotten Parents List!

4. Alec Baldwin

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Why? Well, because Mr. Baldwin left an awful and very abusive message to his little 11-year-old daughter, in which he called her a “thoughtless little pig.” In the voice message that somehow was leaked to the media (probably by the child’s own mother, Baldwin’s ex-wife, Kim Basinger), he says: “I don’t give a damn that you’re 12-years-old or 11-years-old, or that you are a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do as far as I am concerned.”

But he does not stop there. He rambles on and even threatens his daughter by saying: “I’m going to straighten your ass out when I see you.” Listen to the message and see for yourself why this dad made HotGossip.com’s list of Rotten Celeb Parents.

3. Michael Jackson

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Why? Even though we all know that the King of Pop loves children; we placed him on this list because a normal parent doesn’t dangle his baby from a balcony. Period. It was in November 2002 that Jackson traveled to Berlin to accept an award for his humanitarian efforts. Lots of fans had gathered outside his hotel room when Michael suddenly decided to show the excited crowd his kid… So he covered the baby’s face (!) and dangled his baby over the railing of the balcony. That’s just BAD!

2. O.J. Simpson

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Why? To answer this question, we need to take a trip down memory lane… As you all know O.J. Simpson was probably the one who killed the mother of his kids back in 1994, even though he was acquitted of the murder. However, he was found liable for their wrongful deaths in civil court. To date, he has just paid a small portion of the $33.5 million judgment.

But the story about O.J. doesn’t end there. Just last year, Simpson was charged with numerous felonies, including robbery with a deadly weapon, burglary with a firearm, assault with a deadly weapon and first-degree kidnapping with use of a deadly weapon (which carries a possible life sentence). That Simpson isn’t a great role model for his kids must be the understatement of the millennium…

1. Britney Spears

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Why? Well, Britney Spears has probably done everything a mother should NOT do. She has dropped one of her kids on the head, leaving him with a suspected fractured skull. She has been caught driving around with her son in her lap, and she has partied so hard that she hasn’t had time to take care of her children or to even put her panties on. Last but not least, she has been hospitalized at a psychiatric clinic a couple of times…

But all that has nothing to do with why she made this Rotten Parents List. No, she is listed here because she managed to do something that we all thought was impossible: To lose custody of her two kids to her seemingly clueless ex-husband and wannabe rapper, K-Fed.