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25 Black Natural Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

hairstyles for medium hair

Sometimes ladies get tired of trends, bold colors, fashion experiments and decide to get back to natural hairstyles. Celebrities show inspiring examples on their social media, promoting the tendency for natural looks. Meanwhile, girls start to understand that the healthiest option is to wear styles as natural as possible.

You are probably one of those, who are looking for black natural hairstyles for medium length hair and willing to take off a wig or hair extensions. Well, you are in a right place. If you want to grow your hair and make it stronger, do it with style.

Here are 25 awesome hairstyles for black women with medium length hair to simplify the transition to natural appearance.


Big spiral curls

If you are a fan of easy natural hairstyles for medium hair, you won’t find anything better than big curls. It is easy to create them without using a curling iron or any other thermal influences. Proper scalp moisturizing together with rag curls and magnetic rollers work even better.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Fluffy afro

This is a classic look that makes every woman look adorable. And don’t say it is too common or ordinary! Natural hairstyles for medium length hair make you forget about harmful appliances, but they prohibit using bright accessories. But even without them you will look nice and style hair effortlessly.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Corkscrew curls

This is one of the best black natural curly hairstyles for medium length hair to try on. Curls look carefree and almost messy, but completely natural. To achieve this effect, you should remember only one rule. Say no to silicone based hair care products, which make your hair look greasy and tangled, though promising the opposite effect.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Rainbow curls

Okay, we offer apologies to everyone, who’s expected only classic black hairstyles for medium hair here. Nevertheless, this is one of the most delicate styles, which won’t damage your hair if you use proper hair care products and hair dye. Besides, this is a way to make classic afro brighter.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Curly fringe

Even the slightest changes in your hairstyle can make ordinary curls look original. So how about cutting a fringe? Add bangs that will frame your face, you’ll like it!

black hairstyles for medium hair

Twist outs

This hairstyle is a compromise between weaving styles and rebellious curls. In this case, curls are perfectly set to frame your face. You can add some accessories, like beads or cuffs, but even without them you are going to stand out from the crowd.

black hairstyles for medium hair


What does this one have to do with curls? Just to keep them in place, neat and tidy. If your hair texture and length allow to scrape it back into a ponytail, this can be a perfect everyday styling solution.

black hairstyles for medium hair


Similarly to twist-outs, this hairstyle is going to add more volume and make curls more distinctive. This is how you get elastic and bouncy curls without damaging it.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Asymmetric styles

Hairstyles for medium hair leave enough room for creativity. For example, a simple side-parted style will look showy and elegant. Don’t be afraid to place your curls on the side or combine with hair thoroughly combed back or sideways.

black hairstyles for medium hair


Staying in the list of classy hairstyles, kinks will make you look charming without any effort. They win hearts with simplicity and save you a lot of time. Just pick a proper hair care products to keep the texture soft and fluffy.

black hairstyles for medium hair


Jumbo braids

Even massive braids look good for medium-length bob. If you have thick hair, forget about extensions or wigs. Weave your hair to make jumbo braids, twist the edges to prevent damaging, and enjoy your look.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Braid buns

Simple and original, this hairstyle is suitable for everyday activities, formal occasions, and even some parties! Don’t hide the edges of your braids – leave them curly and fluffy, making an ordinary hairstyle very original without efforts.  

black hairstyles for medium hair

Flat twists

All-over styles perfectly protect natural hair and require little time for hair care routine – sounds perfect for busy ones and lazy ones! With flat twists, you get a sporty and fun medium length weave hairstyle, perfect for vacations and active lifestyle, always keeping you ready to go.

black hairstyles for medium hair


Side braids

Natural spiral curls are just wonderful, but mixing them with thin braids on the sides is absolutely amazing! You can wear it for both sides or just for one, making the face silhouette look very original.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Half updo

What can be better that hairstyle messy on purpose? Half-up bun is a stylish trick, which helps you look careless and elegant at the same time. The improvised ponytail leaves enough room to show the fluffy texture and keeps your rebellious curls of your eyes.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Braided pigtails

This one sounds unexpected, but is certainly worth a try. It is a perfect way to handle thick hair, perfectly dividing it and keeping at the back. Thin braids at the front help to create a neat look and look very nice.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Curls and side braids

You’ve already seen a similar hairstyle above. Nevertheless, it is enough impressive to be demonstrated once more. Spiral texture of your natural hair can be easily controlled with a few thick braids on the sides (or one side). What is more important, it looks so great!

black hairstyles for medium hair


Twisted over updo

Time to speak about weaving hairstyles. If you combine twists and braids, you can get something unexpected, fun, and completely impressive. Just take a look at the updo below, and you’ll understand everything.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Double buns

Some still like pigtails, and some replace them with fluffy buns! If you are looking for an easy and quick updo, you’ve just found it! It takes just a couple of seconds to deal with and doesn’t harm your hair at all.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Flat twist updo

This is a protective hairstyle, which keeps hair edges sealed and isolated from external influences. It is convenient to wear for everyday occasions and as a part of formal look. In other words, it is completely universal and very nice.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Bun and curly fringe

Curly hair doesn’t mean you should grow the fringe long. On the contrary, leave it to frame your eyes, while you are making a ponytail or a bun. Pulled away hairstyles look unexpectedly good with curly fringe, just check out to make sure!

black hairstyles for medium hair

Curls and head wrap updo

You are always welcome to pick up accessories to make an ordinary hairstyle more versalite. Head wraps always save when you lack time for styling or lack ideas. They keep your hair neat and secure, adding a touch of traditional elegance.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Twists & bun

If you’ve decided to grow your fringe, you can try to weave it into braids or twist to keep away from eyes. Thus, you get practical and sleek updo, the combination of different hair textures that provides ultimate convenience and creates interesting look.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Bantu knots

This is a gorgeous updo for thick hair. Medium-length hair sometimes is not long enough or too thick to arrange it in a bun. If you still need to do something with your natural afro hair, go with several buns or knots on the back or all over the head.

black hairstyles for medium hair

Pineapple updo

There is a slight resemblance to a fruit, but certainly not in a negative sense. Besides, it is one of the easiest hairstyles, which works both with and without fringe. Use it when you don’t have much time (or desire) for styling.

black hairstyles for medium hair

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