All The Bra Types That All Nigerian Girls Should Know!

The perfect bra emphasizes the dignities and hides the shortcomings of your body, attracting the attention to your beauty. Thanks to the huge choice of bra types, you can always pick up the one that will suit you most and make your image extra-seductive.

But in order to feel yourself confidently, you have to choose the right type of bra.

Let’s take a look at 10 most popular types and decide which type of bra is best for you!

bra types

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1. Types of breasts sizes

How To Measure Your Bra Size Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? One quick and easy way to determine your correct bra size is by using the tape measuring system. While this system is not completely accurate, it is a great starting point on determining your correct fit.

2. Different types of bra with names and pictures

2.1. Balconette bras

This bra has low cups, that are located on one level. This type of bra supports the chest and lifts it up only from the bottom, centering it and giving it an attractive, rounded shape.

Balconette is one of the types of bra cups that are suitable for almost all types of breasts and sizes, but the most impressive look they create on a small chest of the first or second size.

types of bra cups

2.2. Invisible bras

The name of this bra describes itself: it is almost invisible on your body because it keeps on the body thanks to a special adhesive base on the cups.

This kind of bra is ideal for wearing with the open evening dresses with a deep neckline, an open back & shoulders.

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which type of bra is best

2.3. Silicone bras

This type of bra is completely made of silicone and is suitable for women with the small breasts. This bra hides the nipples, giving the breast an extra attractive outline.

bra types

2.4. Maternity bras

The bra is made of light, breathable, natural fabric. The bra’s unique feature lies in the ability to increase its size during the breast growth.

The absence of seams makes it even more comfortable and convenient. This type of bra allows sleeping in it without causing any inconvenience.

types of bra cups

2.5. Sports bras

The sports bra is made of dense materials, perfectly fitting your body. Natural fabric allows the body to breathe without sweating.

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types of breasts sizes

2.6. Wire-free bras

This is a perfect option for the girls with small breasts because it lifts up their breast outline like no other bra.

Most often they are made from a translucent, lacy fabric. The main function is to cover the body, creating a romantic image. This model is perfectly combined with daily casual clothing.

bra types

2.7. Angelica bras

This is another popular solution that is made only with the use of a frame. It perfectly supports your breasts and is suitable for all women.

types of bra cups

2.8. Push-up bras

This is another kind of bra that suits girls with the small breasts. It visually makes them larger by 1 or even 2 sizes. The secret is that it lifts the breasts, shifting two cups of the bra together.

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which type of bra is best

2.9. Seamless bras

This is a quite unique variety of bra. It is almost impossible to notice it under the clothes. It is made from a dense, seamless fabric that does not cause even the slight discomfort during the use.

bra types

2.10. Minimizer bras

This bra is created for women with magnificent shapes. It does not reduce your breasts but makes them look more neat and elegant.

The connection between the cups is quite wide, as well as the back. This relieves tension on your back and shoulders.

types of bra cups

3. How To Choose The Perfect Bra: The Ultimate Guide

Bra Talk | How To Choose The Perfect Bra | The Ultimate Guide

Subscribe: In today’s video, we show you how to choose the right bra according to your outfit and body type. Studies show that more than 80% of women wear the wrong size. This can not only look unappealing but be unhealthy too, not to mention uncomfortable.

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