Best Blender In Nigeria

Whether you are fan of smoothies or want to mix dough without making hands dirty, you like cooking cream soups, vegetable purees or delicious desserts, it is all much easier with a good blender. So let’s find out which is the best blenders for beans and where to look for affordable blender price in Nigeria.

Perfect blender: what to look at?

blender price in Nigeria

  1. Type – immersion or countertop, each coming in a wide range of options for personal and commercial use.
  2. Weight – depending on what you cook more often, either chopper or heavy blender will be more convenient.
  3. Wattage – it defines how powerful and efficient the appliance is, though the performance doesn’t differ much due to switching modes.
  4. Body – usually blenders are made of plastic or steel, where latter ones are more reliable, capable to withstand high temperatures, and resistant to damages.
  5. Blade – it is made of stainless steel, but differs by size, thickness, and quantity of blades.
  6. Power button – unexpectedly, it becomes a headache for many users; too tough or too loose to press, it may cause a lot of inconvenience.
  7. Kit – some brands offer just the basic attachments, some decide to include numerous accessories, like chopper, whiskers, etc.
  8. Blender price – budget is also one of the key factors defining your final choice. But don’t worry: there are enough high-quality appliances that come at reasonable and even surprisingly low prices.

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TOP-5 blenders of 2018

Kenwood kMix BLX50 800W Blender

blender price in Nigeria

The first thing you should know about Kenwood kMix: it is so good-looking that will want to match it with a bunch of other nice appliances. 1.6-liter glass container is big enough to accomodate generous quality of liquid. Four speed modes and 800W motor allow blending diverse products in minimal time. Besides, it is convenient to use for both right- and left-handed. So what about Kenwood blender price? Kenwood blender price in Nigeria starts from N 8,000.

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Philips HR1602 Hand blender

blender price in Nigeria

This Philips blender is lightweight, easy to use, and coming with a basic kit – chopper and one more accessory. Users get two speed modes controlled with a single switch and 550W motor, enough to chop fruits and veggies or puree easily. Despite basic options, it demonstrates swift high-quality performance. Philips blender price in Nigeria starts from N 12,000.

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Vitamix Professional 750

blender price in Nigeria

Vitamix is on the list of top respected blender manufacturers, and Professional 750 is one of its most innovative products. It is not a budget friendly option, but it comes with 1.8-liter jar, five pre-programmed modes, 10 speed options, sound-dampening and self-cleaning features. The list is certainly impressive. Moreover, a cookbook is included!

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System

blender price in Nigeria

By buying this appliance you get two blend-cups and a food processor bowl, so there’s no need to choose which one you need more. 1500W is enough for cooking salad dressings, purees and good vegetable chopping in a few seconds. Besides, you can use it for cooking dough. It is dishwasher-safe and comes with 30-recipe guide.

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NutriBullet 13-Piece High-Speed Blender

blender price in Nigeria

Easy to use and space-saving, this entry-level appliance is perfect for cooking individual-size smoothies. The only disadvantage is that you are not allowed to control blade speed. Nevertheless, there are 900W motor and two blades that can handle soups, frozen fruits and nut butters.

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