Best Bread Makers In Nigeria + Bread Making Guide

For many people, a bread baking machine is still a novelty, but thousands of Nigerian families are already enjoying the benefits of having a practical bread makers at their disposal at all times. Find out how to choose the the best bread maker machine and how to make bread with its help!

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1. Best bread maker machine in Nigeria: the top 5

Wondering what’s the best bread maker machine 2018 and how much it costs in Nigeria? Here are 5 models that you’re guaranteed to love!

1. DMWD Automatic Electric Bread Maker

This bread making machine is far from the most affordable option, but it’s one of the most advanced ones. With 550W, automatic controls, a variety of programs, and a 1kg capacity, this machine can not only mix and bake bread, but also make all kinds of dough and even ice cream!

Price: 145,000.

2. Andrew James Compact Dual Blade Bread Maker

Andrew James is a brand that produces popular bread makers for every budget. This model’s biggest advantage is its dual blade, which mixes the dough even more efficiently. With three loaf sizes and 13 programs, your opportunities for bread making are nearly endless!

Price: 38,000.

3. Kenwood BM260 Bread Maker

This bread making machine from Kenwood is a popular choice among first-time buyers: it’s functional, compact, and affordable. There are 3 loaf sizes and 11 programs to choose from, and the special eco program will allow you to enjoy a freshly baked loaf in just 85 minutes!

Price: 38,000.

4. Morphy Richards Fastbake Bread Maker

This Morphy Richards bread making machine is a modern and practical device. It has 12 programs, including a program that bakes a loaf in under 50 minutes. Plus, it has a delayed start function for baking the bread overnight, as well as an ability to cook all kinds of dough and even jam.

Price: 34,000.

5. Russell Hobbs Bread Maker

Russell Hobbs is a popular brand of home appliances, and their bread making machine surely won’t disappoint you. Here you can not only choose from a variety of programs, but even set the desired colour of the crust. Plus, this bread maker can successfully cook delicious and crunchy popcorn.

Price: 65,000.

2. How to use a bread maker

Now that you know which bread maker machine price and which model to go for, here are a few tips that will help you successfully bake your first loaf of bread.

  1. Use the right ingredients if you want a top-notch product. Yeast for bread making should have an “Active Dry” mark on the package. Flour should be rich in gluten – special bread flour or high quality wheat flour works best. The ingredients should be at room temperature for the process to go over perfectly.
  2. Follow the correct order of adding the ingredients to the pan. First add the liquids – milk, water, buttermilk, honey, etc. Then add the flour. Then add the rest of the dry ingredients – sugar, salt, seasoning, or dried milk. Finally, add the yeast over the flour and don’t let it touch the liquid before the mixing process begins.
  3. Choose the right program. Ideally, your bread maker should include a recipe collection with the correct proportions of ingredients for each loaf size.
  4. Some bread makers allow you to remove the blade after the dough has been mixed by giving you a signal – don’t miss it and you won’t have to put in lots of effort to remove the blade from a baked loaf.
  5. Make sure to explore all programs and recipes, add different spice and seasonings even if they aren’t featured in a recipe – you never know what’s your favourite type of bread until you try it!

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