Best Car Tracker In Nigeria

Car tracker, better known as GPS – Global Positioning System – was a navigation system initially designed for the US military. Today, it is widely used by many civil all around the world. From a commercial perspective, these devices allow tracking driver’s location and performance during journeys. For individual users it is a way to track personal driving habits.

A passive car tracking system monitors location and stores data on journeys based on a certain types of the events, while an active provides real-time data to a central portal and is usually preferred by businesses. But which is best car tracker in Nigeria? Let’s try to figure out.

car tracker reviews

How to choose a car tracker

  1. Consider the purpose. Decide what you need a tracking system for – theft protection, monitoring teens who use a family car etc?
  2. Consider technical details. Car trackers consist of a wireless transmitter, cellular technology and a satellite system. Pay attention to specific parameters to make sure you won’t have troubles with dead spots.
  3. Consider your budget. Similarly to other electronic devices, the cost of car tracker in Nigeria varies depending on a model. Some come with the features you won’t actually use, some with monthly subscription fees. Set a budget to avoid paying more than you can afford.
  4. Consider circumstances. Accuracy, frequency of reports, and complexity of software define the functionality and price of a car tracker.
  5. Consider a type – cellular, wireless, satellite-based; whether it should be compact or size doesn’t matter. If you don’t know how to install car tracker, make sure a manual is included in a kit or you can consult an assistant.
  6. Consider a place for purchase. You can check out deals in a number of online and regular stores, but most likely you’ll find the best deals for a car tracker in Nigeria on Jiji.

Best car trackers in Nigeria

The best car tracker is a very personalized thing. The answer depends on your requirements and budget. Nevertheless, we’ve checked out car tracker reviews, the latest trends, and what is available on Nigerian market and picked three great options for you to consider.

car tracker reviews


Trackimo is a car tracker that offers excellent functionality at affordable price. The device provides worldwide coverage and is traceable through web. Tracking schedule is activated by motion, prolonging battery span. Trackimo supports real-time tracking mode. It is enabled with wireless connection feature and panic alert button.

Coban GPS 102A

You get excellent location setting regardless of signal strength – Coban works in areas with limited sky view. It supports remote alarm and voice control. Coban is multi-purpose: it is suitable for property supervision, monitoring teen and senior drivers etc. It is waterproof, compact, and enabled with two batteries.

Garmin eTrex 10

This Garmin model comes with tough body frame and powerful battery. The interface has been updated, so the device received built-in world map and geocaching function. Users shouldn’t worry about water or dust, for the device is protected from all external influences. Location is precise, regardless of environment.