Best Water Dispenser In Nigeria + Buying Guide

A water dispenser isn’t a bare necessity like a refrigerator or a cooker, but it can significantly improve your quality of living by giving you unlimited access to fresh, cool water. Find out how to choose the best water dispenser in Nigeria and which brands to consider!

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1. How to choose a water dispenser

Want to know how to buy a water dispenser that will become your most satisfying purchase in years? Here are the factors to consider when making your choice.

1. Type

One of the most important things to remember about water dispensers is that there are two major types: mechanic appliances that simply dispense water from a bottle, and electric dispensers that cool the water and dispense it. Other types include:

  • Top load cooler, which requires you to mount the bottle on top of the construction. This is typically the cheapest option.
  • Bottom load cooler is more aesthetically pleasing, since the large water bottle is hidden in the counter while only the tap part of the device is displayed.
  • Countertop water cooler is the most compact option – it requires smaller water bottles and less installation space and is perfect for small kitchens and offices.
  • Point of use water dispensers are the most expensive and a completely different type of the appliance – they are connected to a water source and don’t require you to constantly buy water bottles.

2. Extra features

There is a water dispenser price in Nigeria for every budget – depending on how much you can spend on a water dispenser, you can expect your new appliance to have a variety of additional features:

  • In addition to cooling the water, some dispensers can also produce heated water for making hot beverages or cooking.
  • If you’re planning to use the dispenser in an office or other public space, look for an appliance with a disposable cup storage.
  • High-end water dispensers come with filters, which additionally purify the water and remove all kinds of debris and elements, especially if you’re using tap water.
  • A drip tray is a minor but helpful extra feature that eliminates the problem of spilled water and mess around the dispenser.

2. Top 5 water dispensers in Nigeria

Now that you know what to look for in your new water dispenser, here are 5 most popular options available in Nigeria.

  1. CWAY Royal 3F B8B18HL water dispenser comes with hot and cold water outlets, drip tray, a child safety lock, and attractive design. The CWAY water dispenser price is ₦60,000.
  2. Century CD-8533-B water dispenser has three water temperature settings, automatic temperature control, fridge cabinet, stainless steel tank, and indicator light. You can buy this model for about 48,000.
  3. Polystar water dispenser can win buyers over with its good looks, but it has much more to offer, including a double door design, hot and cold water, freezer, and drip tray. The price of this dispenser is ₦45,000.
  4. Midea YL1331S water dispenser has an built-in 20L water tank that has been treated against algae and germs. There is hot and cold water, a child lock, and the price of this Midea model is 40,000.
  5. Haier Thermocool HD-808D water dispenser has three temperature settings, a fridge compartment, and indicator light, and can be conveniently stored on the counter. You can buy this dispenser for 58,000.

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