Fascinating Facts about Hemsworth Brothers

1. They are hotties!

The Brothers Hemsworth are a full-on show business anomaly. For starters, that two people could be both so different-looking and so attractive at the same time—and even the oldest sibling Luke, who hasn’t pursued the spotlight quite as fervently as the others, is incredibly attractive. Then there’s the fact that they are actors. But once you look deep into their background, it’s easy to see that everything about this family is incredible. Here are some interesting facts about the Hemsworth brothers that you will absolutely love.

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Anyone with eyes or anyone with prescription glasses and contact lenses can attest to the fact that the Hemsworth brothers are definitely worth your attention. For starters, they are hot in their individual ways. Generally, men don’t really possess the most beautiful features, which is what makes the ladies special. But for the Hemsworth brothers, it seems that they have been blessed with beautiful features, courtesy of their parents. The right height, smooth hair, piercing blue eyes and jaws, which look like a work of art, are all their features without any alteration or modification from any doctor. Some women find Chris good-looking while some girls find Liam irresistible. Others fins Luke absolutely adorable. What can’t be denied is that all of them are hot. Female fans have a lot to say about that. judging by the following they have and the comments.

2) The Hemsworth Brothers are good guys.

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Everyone loves good guys. The Hemsworth guys are exactly that. They have been in Hollywood, making big money and being in hit films, so the steps afterwards would be to mess things up. But not the Hemsworth brothers, who have had their heads firm on their shoulders. They are also known to be family guys, as well good businessmen, which does explain why they are not messed up. Must be some good Australian upbringing that has stuck with them throughout all the years. This is evident otherwise we would have heard scandal after scandal rocking Hollywood with them involved.

3. They didn’t forget about their roots.

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The boys were all born in Melbourne, Victoria, but the Hemsworth family also lived in the outback Northern Territory for awhile before settling on Phillip Island in Victoria. Despite reaching new heights in Hollywood, the Hemsworth brothers still go back to their hometown, Australia. In fact, Chris has said that he would rather live in Australia than live in America because he wants his family to have a normal life. Chris and Liam always go to their hometown for the holiday season. Luke spends most of his time there because he runs a business there.

4. Cris and Liam are part of famous franchises. 

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Chris Hemsworth plays Thor in the ‘Thor’ movie franchise, which also got him a part in the ‘Avengers’ movie franchise. These two movie franchises are the biggest grossing movies at the box office. Liam Hemsworth features in the ‘Hunger Games’ franchise, which is also famous in its own right. It’s also a top grossing film at the box office in Hollywood. Nothing spells success like appearing in top movies in the box office. It is evident that their great acting talents got them there and when they got there they didn’t disappoint because the movies were absolutely well done. Everyone is definitely looking forward to their next movie.

5. Each of them is super unique.

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There’s actually a joke that there’s a Hemsworth for every type, which is true because you know what you like depending on the Hemsworth brother you fancy. In all, there are 3 different kinds of Hemsworth and they are Chris, Liam and Luke. Luke is shorter than Liam and Chris and look slightly different from them. However, they are each hot in their own ways and talented in unique ways. The world can’t decide yet whether its Luke, Chris or Liam that is better. Each of them appeals to the public in their own unique ways. It is a case of perfection in three doses.

6. They tease each other on Instagram.

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Since the Hemsworth brothers grew up in a household filled with boys, bullying and teasing each other was a game that they used to play.For example, when they were kids, Luke and Chris would wrap Liam in “protective” layers of clothing and then stalk him around the backyard and shoot him with air rifles. With both of them being on Instagram, it seems that the teasing hasn’t stopped as Chris recently took to social media to show Liam’s magazine cover that he scribbled on. Liam, then, went on Instagram to share a picture of Chris on Vanity Fair magazine with long hair, a mustache and a weird beard that Liam drew himself. There are many other countless scenarios where the brothers have teased each other in a good-natured way much to the delight of their fans.

7. They have a great sense of humour. 

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To be able to make fun of each other in public takes a lot of guts and this shows exactly why the Hemsworth brothers are hilarious. While they look like they mean business, deep inside they do have a sense of humor. Anyone, who sees the number of times they make fun of themselves on Instagram, knows how hilarious the Hemsworth brothers truly are. They can be seen photographing themselves in funny poses, some with animals some poking fun at each other and themselves. The guys a have a great sense of humor that is mature and lovely to witness as their followers would say.

8. They are philanthropic.

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Liam Hemsworth talked about how his brother, Chris, paid off their father’s debts when he made it in Hollywood. Apparently, their father had so much debts that he thought he will still be paying it off until the day he dies. It is the children’s responsibility to take care of their parents, but not everyone in the entertainment world is like that. Liam supports the Australian Childhood Foundation along with his brothers and parents. All the brothers have also been involved in various charities to raise money for good causes.

9. They are known to be family men more than playboys.

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It’s almost like a Hollywood tradition that when you become a star in Hollywood and make a lot of money, you tend to have a different kind of lifestyle. But not the Hemsworth brothers, as they took a whole different route to enjoy their success. Luke has four kids back in Australia and a wife, Chris got married and has 3 kids with his wife, Elsa Pataky. Liam also got engaged to Miley Cyrus at the height of his stardom. Together, they wanted to be more of a family man than to have different girlfriends every month in Hollywood.That is quite commendable considering how hot they are and how they could get a different woman every week if they wanted.