How To Make Your Nose Look Smaller With Makeup

The strive for looking perfect places the question “Can you make your nose smaller without surgery?” in the list of top popular, somewhere along with “Can I eat after 6 pm?” We aren’t going to explain the nuances of the latter today, but we know how to make your nose smaller.

If you are concerned about your appearance and nose in particular, do not rush to take drastic measures – make nose smaller without surgery. Surgery is the last thing to consider, painful and very expensive one. Just make nose look smaller with doing your makeup right.

How to make nose smaller

There is a simple optical illusion that can make your nose smaller. It is called contouring – cheap, quick and painless alternative to surgery. If you are looking for how to reduce nose size, don’t be surprised that it takes only two additional shades of face powder and a good base.

Make your nose smaller without surgery by placing shades in a right way. Using extra powder – of a shade slightly lighter and slightly darker than your skin – will visually alter the shape of your nose. Let’s figure out the details.

Nose contouring basics

Nose contouring is a makeup technique, which implies application of dark and light makeup products on certain face zones with a purpose to alter its look visually. Dark zones make face parts look smaller and located deeper, while light ones have the opposite effect.

smaller nose without surgery

When we are speaking about ways to make your nose smaller, you should start with picking cosmetics. You will need the following items:

  • Base – makeup foundation, which fits your skin tone perfectly.
  • Nose highlight – powder, shadows, pencil or concealer, which is one tone lighter than the base. Remember to pick a natural color.
  • Nose contour – powder, foundation, shades or blush one tone darker compared to the base. Best contour for nose is a cold shade of brown.

Remember that the main rule in nose makeup is seamless transition between shades. All borders should be smoothened and evened. Mix the shades well and attenuate, otherwise the magic trick will not work as expected.

Nose makeup step by step

After you have picked makeup to make nose look smaller, time to learn about correct application comes. It is not complicated or much different from your everyday makeup routine. It takes just a couple more minutes to forget about annoying question “How to make my nose smaller?”

  1. Apply the foundation you’ve chosen for the base as a part of your makeup routine.
  2. Draw two vertical lines on each side of your nose by using dark shade. Start at the inner side of an eyebrow and slide down. The lines should be straight and pass between nose tip and nostrils. Shade the borders to make them less visible.
  3. Apply highlight to the center of the nose. Make it as wide as you want your nose to look. Shade the borders to make them less visible, too.
  4. Draw a couple of vertical lines with a thin brush to even the layers and make the colors look natural.

smaller nose without surgery

Make nose smaller: general tips

  • Pay attention to transitions between shades – they should be very smooth.
  • Do your makeup near the source of natural light, preferably window, to notice all problem moments.
  • Be careful with pearl shades – they emphasize face imperfections more noticeable.
  • Apply makeup with small doses to avoid making it messy. First apply, them even a layer well.

Attract attention to other parts of your face: big eyes and plush lips are the best way to get visually smaller nose without surgery.