How To Choose The Right Nail Polish Colors

In the recent years, nail art has turned from debuting as just another beauty trend to being a rightful fashion accessory. The right manicure can complete your whole look or stick out like a sore thumb. Find out how to choose the best nail polish shades for every situation and shop for all kinds of beauty products from the most reliable Nigerian sellers on Jiji:

1. Choose according to your skin tone
You probably already know that the best way to pick the right shades of makeup is to base your choice on your skin color. The same goes for nail polish. The most flattering nail polish shades are the ones that complement your skin tone. For example, dark-skinned ladies will look gorgeous in the darkest nail polish colors: wine and dark reds, browns, purples, and blues. Fair-skinned girls can go for pink-tinted blues, porcelain, and various pastel shades like blue and lilac.

2. Choose according to your outfit
While matching your shoes to your handbag is an outdated fashion trend, doing the same with your nail color is actually one of the hottest recent fashion crazes. If you’re wearing a multicolored outfit, choose the one shade you like the most and find a matching nail polish. Your efforts surely won’t go unnoticed. If you’ve chosen a monochrome outfit, pick a nail polish shade that will stand out against the outfit color.

3. Choose according to the trends
Nail polish fashion changes every season, and several time a year nail polish addicts from around the world are looking forward to new collections from OPI, Orly, Essie, China Glaze, and other nail polish brands that incorporate the latest trends in their polishes. You can’t go wrong with picking nail polishes from the latest collection: glitters, pearls, tints, textured polishes, gel nails – there is so much you can try!

4. Choose according to your needs
Nail polish can not only complement your outfit and match the latest trends, but also slightly change your appearance. For example, if you have short nail beds and want them to appear longer, you should go for opaque white and pastel tones, while in the opposite situation, where you need to make your nail beds look shorter, your best option is any dark shade. A more even skin tone can be achieved with opaque yellows, oranges, and greens, while sheer pinks, beiges, and nudes can make your hands look slimmer.