Move Away Clinique, Toke Makinwa Launches ‘Glow by TM’

Toke Makinwa is a beloved Nigerian celebrity with an impressive portfolio: she’s achieved fame as a TV and radio host, successful blogger, and author. Now she can add another accomplishment to her resume, as this week Toke released her own skin care line.

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1. Toke’s skin care journey

As a chocolate-skinned woman herself, Toke Makinwa knows that a path to flawless, evenly-toned skin is not an easy one. In the preparation for the launch of her skin care line, Toke opened up about her struggles with skin care, revealing that she experienced major skin problems due to using wrong products.

Her own skin care history and the struggles of other women inspired Toke to develop a skin care line targeted at dark-skinned ladies who dream of smooth and glowing skin. To achieve this, the media personality partnered with a California-based beauty development company Buluwa Inc. The result is a complete skin care line for face and body.

2. Glow by TM

Overall there are 7 products in the ‘Glow by TM’, which can be purchased in a set or separately. In this set you will find:

  1. Whitening night cream – 60g.
  2. Brightening day cream – 60g.
  3. Skin glow oil – 120ml.
  4. Whitening and firming serum – 30ml.
  5. Vitamin C B2 facial toner – 30ml.
  6. Whitening body lotion – 120ml.
  7. Knuckles, knees and elbows whitening cream – 70ml.

The variety of products in this line makes it easy for any woman to create a complete beauty routine. For example, if you long for flawless face skin, you can use the combination of toner, serum, oil, and cream twice a day to get the expected result.

3. Prices

Unfortunately, buying the complete set of ‘Glow by TM’ is not an easy feat for many Nigerian women who dream of glowing skin simply because the prices for the products are far from affordable. The complete set will cost you $670 or up to 200,000. If you prefer to buy the products separately, here are the individual prices for ‘Glow by TM’ products:

  • Whitening night cream – 42,720
  • Brightening day cream – 35,600
  • Whitening and firming serum – 35,600
  • Knuckles, knees and elbows whitening cream – 35,600
  • Vitamin C B2 facial toner – 10,500
  • Whitening body lotion – 71,200

4. Public reaction

Many Nigerian women, including thousands of Toke Makinwa’s fans, are delighted at the news of a brand new skin care line created specifically for their needs. However, the launch of Toke’s cosmetic line was met with its share of criticism. Most critical responses concerned two points:

  1. More and more people accept a body positive approach to their appearance, which also means more people are happier with their natural skin tone than before. That is why many critics view the release of ‘Glow by TM’ as insensitive.
  2. The steep price tag of the complete set and separate products means not as many people will be able to try Toke’s creations as she’d probably hope; these prices can be compared to the prices for internationally renowned professional and luxury brands.

Despite all criticism, the launch of Toke Makinwa’s line has sparked a lot of interest in buyers – now let’s just wait and see what the first reviewers have to say about the products!

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