Prices Of Gas Cooker In Nigeria + Buying Guide

A gas cooker is a kitchen appliance that can be found in most Nigerian household and allows you to cook a variety of meals safely and quickly. The prices of gas cooker in Nigeria are a big deciding factor for buying a new appliance, and you can find out the price of gas cooker with oven in Nigeria right now!

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1. How to find the best gas cooker in Nigeria

If you’re ready to buy your first ever gas cooker or upgrade your old device, here are some tips that will help you make the right choice.

1. Type

The most important choice you need to make is the type of the cooker. Today there are three most common gas cooker types:

  • Stovetop, which can come as a separate unit or be a part of a gas range. Stovetops typically have between two and four burners of different size, allowing you to cook anything from a cup of coffee to a pot of soup.
  • Oven, which can be built into a counter or come together with a stovetop in a range. Ovens usually have from one to three shelves and give you unlimited opportunities for roasting, baking, and even grilling food.
  • Gas range, which is the combination of those two types and the most popular type of cooking appliance out there. Your possibilities for cooking with a gas range are nearly endless, and there is nothing you can’t do with a gas range.

2. Cooking style

Another thing you need to consider is your cooking style. If you love cooking and are always ready to try new recipes, go for a cooking range with maximum functionality.

If you have a big family and don’t have much time for cooking experiments, choose a stovetop with 4+ burners and a modestly-sized oven. Finally, if you hardly ever bake, you can get away with just a stovetop – after all, if you want to bake a cake once in a while, you can do it without an oven!

3. Placement

The most affordable option for buying a gas cooker is a free-standing device. You can put it anywhere in your kitchen or even move it freely when you need to. Drop-in and slide-in units are designed for seamlessly fitting a cooker between your kitchen cabinets, so you need to be as precise as possible to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Gas cooker prices in Nigeria

Now that you know what kind of a gas cooker is perfect for your kitchen, you probably want to know the gas cooker with oven prices in Nigeria. Here are some of the most attractive offers from the top 5 of the best gas cooker brand in Nigeria.

  • Scanfrost SFC-5312 SS gas cooker with auto ignition – 58,000
  • Maxi gas cooker 50504BINOX – ₦43,000
  • Scanfrost SFC9502SS cooker with 5 burners – ₦350,000
  • Haier Thermocool gas cooker 504G SLV – 60,000
  • Scanfrost SFC-5402S cooker with lamp oven – 53,000
  • Maxi cooker with 2 gas + 2 electric burners – 78,000
  • Universal SFC5402S gas cooker – 55,000
  • Scanfrost SFC5402S gas cooker with oven and grill57,000
  • Maxi tabletop gas cooker with oven – 55,000
  • Century cooker with 3 gas + 1 electric burner – 48,000

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