Protective Hairstyles For All Kinds Of Hair

Every Nigerian lady is familiar with protective hairstyles – they allow you to proudly flaunt your natural hair while also protecting it from breakage and loss. Check out these top 5 protective hairstyles for natural hair to try right now!

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1. Crochet braids

Crochet braids are one of the most popular protective styles for natural hair for a reason: they are easy to create and even easier to maintain. Plus, crochet braids can be worn in so many different styles that you can try a new look every day!

Not all crochet braids need to be long – shoulder length crochet braids also work perfectly.

A pop of colour never hurts, especially when it’s such a timeless classic – burgundy red.

Crochet curls, waves, or braids – you can try it all when choosing new easy protective hairstyles for natural hair!

2. Faux locs

Faux locs have been steadily gaining popularity for years as protective hairstyles for hair growth. Faux locs evoke a strong retro feel and are especially loved by celebrities and other beauty trendsetters. Even little girls are already rocking faux locs!

One of the hottest ways to make faux locs even better is a couple of metallic accents placed strategically on the locs.

Adding colourful highlights is another popular way to make faux locs even better – they can be as vibrant or as subtle as you prefer.

If you prefer protective styles with extensions, faux locs are a great choice of a hairstyle – it can even be styled into the most intricate style you can imagine.

3. Box braids

The biggest reason why so many women prefer box braids as protective hairstyles for medium length natural hair and long hair is their versatility: they look awesome even when simply worn loose, but the variety of hairstyles for everyday and special occasions you can create with box braids is nearly unlimited.

Extensions for protective hairstyles braids are available in every colour imaginable, which is why we’re seeing more and more beautiful colourful box braid styles.

Even celebrities cannot stay immune to the charms of box braids – check out Kim Kardashian rocking her best look with thin and long box braids.

A bob made with box braids is one of the newest trends in protective hair design, but we don’t have doubts that it’s going to grow much bigger.

4. Bantu knots

Bantu knots were popular in the 1990s and have recently come into vogue thanks to celebrities like Rihanna who proudly wear bantu knots. Out of all protective hairstyles for short natural hair, bantu knots are the most youthful and trendy one.

Even if your hair is super short, you can still try bantu knots, but they’re going to be adorably tiny.

This may be the most flawless rendition of bantu knots we’ve seen lately and a source of inspiration for hundreds new protective styles.

Bantu knots are a fashionable and edgy hairstyle – get ready to attract lots of attention when you’re sporting this style!

5. Ghana braids

Any list of simple protective styles would not be complete without Ghana braids, a hairstyle that is sometimes confused with cornrows, but is actually a unique and authentic style.

Tying your Ghana braids into a high ponytail is one of the most common ways to style them into a cute and flattering hairdo.

Ghana braids are a highly geometric and precise hairstyle: these braids couldn’t be more perfectly done.

Add a trendy ombre effect to your Ghana braids for a pop of colour – for example, with this fiery orange.

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