Samsung TV Prices In Nigeria

As one of the leaders of the TV market in Nigeria, Samsung has dozens of models for every family and budget. A Samsung TV price is an important deciding factor for choosing a new device, but it’s not the only one. Check out the Samsung TV prices in Nigeria along with specs!

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HD, Full HD, 4K or UHD?

Each Samsung TV you will see on this list will have one of the following four marks: HD, Full HD, 4K or UHD. People who deal a lot with graphics and videos may already know the difference between the four, but the rest of the buyers may have a hard time distinguishing between them.

These four marks reflect the resolution of the TV screen. Here is a quick guide to the resolutions available today.

  • HD, or 1280х720, is currently the lowest resolution you can find in flat screen TVs.
  • Full HD, or 1920х1080, is a more advanced resolution. Full HD TVs today often cost as much as basic HD devices.
  • 4K can refer to any screen with a 4000 horizontal resolution.
  • UHD, or Ultra HD, has the resolution of 3840×2160, which is actually smaller than 4K. However, UHD has a number of other advantages and is better suited for watching TV.

1. Samsung 32-inch UA32FH4003 HD Flat TV

If you’re dreaming of owning a Samsung TV but don’t have a lot of money to spend, the budget-friendly Samsung TV 32 inch price is your best option. This 32-inch TV is a great choice for a bedroom or small living room, and it will work perfectly with all kinds of additional equipment.

This LED TV has the resolution of 1366×768, has a scratch-proof front glass, is designed to be energy saving both in watch and standby mode, and allows you to watch films and videos from a USB drive, incorporating the latest technology with a surprisingly affordable Samsung 32 inch LED TV price in Nigeria.

Price: ₦62,000.

2. Samsung 43-inch UA43FH4003R Full HD LED TV

If you’re prepared to go for a higher Samsung LCD TV price and get a bigger TV, consider this 43-inch model. This TV comes with a 1920×1080 resolution and has a Mega Contrast feature to ensure the brightest and crispiest colours on the screen.

This Samsung TV model has 2 HDMI and 1 USB port. Moreover there is a Game Mode and Sports Mode, which will give an unforgettable gaming and sports watching experience for every fan of those media.

Price: ₦120,000.

3. Samsung 32-inch UE32M4000AU HD LED TV

A slightly more expensive version of the popular 32-inch TV on our Samsung TV price list in Nigeria is the Series 4 flat LED TV. With the resolution of 1366×768, the Wide Color Enhancer feature, and Clean View technology, you are guaranteed to love every second of watching TV.

With the help of the ConnectShare Movie feature, your TV turns into a full-service media device. Just plug in your USB drive and the films, photos, or music files will automatically start playing on the TV screen!

Price: ₦135,000.

4. Samsung 48-inch UA48FH4003R Full HD LED TV

In case you won’t settle for anything less than a 48-inch TV but still don’t want to pay a fortune for your new device, this Samsung model is exactly what you’re looking for. The 1920×1080 resolution and Wide Color Enhancer are what makes the image quality here simply superb.

Great news for fans of sports TV and action movies – thanks to the Clear Motion Rate 60 technology you will never miss a single detail in the fast-paced sports events and blockbuster movies. Plus, the Eco Sensor feature will automatically adjust the screen brightness for every environment.

Price: ₦155,000.

5. Samsung 40-inch UE40J5510AU Smart Full HD TV

It’s no secret that Smart TV offers a completely different viewing experience from what you’re used to, but often the Samsung Smart TV price in Nigeria can be too high for an average buyer. Luckily, there is this 40-inch Smart TV model that is very reasonably priced.

Besides all the benefits of Smart TV, here you will also find the 1920×1080 resolution, Wi-Fi direct, USB capabilities, HDMI port, and a special Sports mode for making your sports watching experience even more enjoyable.

Price: ₦170,000.

6. Samsung 49-inch UE32M5000 Full HD TV

The price for a 49-inch Full HD TV from Samsung is obviously higher than the Samsung 42 inch LED TV price, but if you want to buy the main TV for your family, a 49-inch TV is exactly the way to go – it will fit perfectly into your living room!

This Samsung TV is equipped with a variety of features to give every buyer a viewing experience of a lifetime. There is Dolby Digital Plus, Full HD, Wide Color Enhancer, USB, HDMI and AV ports, as well as a Movie Mode to make your family movie nights truly special!

Price: ₦218,000.

7. Samsung 49-inch UN49KU7500FXZA UHD Curved TV

Finally, we move on to the most coveted part of our Samsung TV price list. A curved TV is a dream device for millions of buyers, and while the Samsung curved TV price in Nigeria is far from low, it can still be a worthy investment if you and your family really love TV.

In addition to the many benefits of a modern curved TV, this 49-inch Samsung device has a 1920×1080 Full HD resolution, Ultra Clean View feature for visual noise reduction, wireless connectivity, 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for enjoying all kinds of content any time you like.

Price: ₦455,000.

8. Samsung 55-inch MU6300 4K Curved TV

The bigger your curved Samsung TV is, the better – that’s exactly what so many families believe in, and for a good reason. A 55-inch curved 4K TV can satisfy any visual craving, whether you want to watch a latest blockbuster, a documentary about aquatic life, or a football match.

With a resolution of 3840×2160, a powerful processor, and unparalleled quality of the images, not a single tiny detail will escape your attention. Plus, you can connect to external sources via Wi-Fi, USB port, or even plug in your HDD with photos or videos!

Price: ₦530,000.

9. Samsung 65-inch 65KU7350 4K Curved TV

A 65-inch TV with 4K and curved screen is the epitome of luxury. This TV can become the central element in your house design and a source of envy from your neighbours, especially when they see the advantages of watching films on a curved 4K screen in person.

This TV has everything to give you a viewing experience like never before: Colour Brilliance feature for life-like colours, UHD Picture Engine for unparalleled image quality, and UHD dimming technology for stunning contrast.

Price: ₦1,250,000.

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