Top 10 Banned Dog Breeds

A dog is a man’s best friend, but not all dogs are suited for living in families. In fact, some of the most aggressive dogs have even been banned in certain countries. Check out this top ten dangerous dogs to know which breeds to avoid.

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1. Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff isn’t the world’s deadliest dog breed, but it didn’t prevent some countries like Singapore to ban owning it at home. Plus, a psychological evaluation is required to own a mastiff in other countries. The reason for that is the breed’s size – a fully grown Neapolitan Mastiff can reach the weight of 100kg.

2. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Wolf hybrid dog breeds are very popular around the world due to their exotic and powerful look, but the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is one of the top 10 aggressive dogs of this kind that has been banned in numerous countries for their tendency to view children as pray and attack them unprovoked.

3. Fila Brasiliero

The UK and Norway are only two of the many states that banned owning Fila Brasiliero in homes. This breed is known for its intelligence and athletic build, but the remarkable strength of their bodies paired with rare aggressiveness for a dog are a reason Fila Brasiliero are prohibited from keeping as pets.

4. Doberman Pinscher

There is no doubt that Doberman Pinscher is an elegant and prestigious dog breed, but it didn’t prevent these dogs from being one of the most aggressive dog breeds. Their aggression is usually directed at strangers and is not always displayed, but they are still not the best choice of a family dog.

5. Boerboel

Boerboel began its history as a pet dog from being a fierce warrior and a guard of domestic animals. Their protective qualities made them a popular option for a family guard dog, but their quick temper and the fact that Boerboel is also a fighting dog secured its place on the aggressive dog breeds list.

6. Presa Canario

While some dogs don’t have a history of lethal altercations with people and have been named dangerous dog breeds for their psychological qualities, Presa Canario is a different story. Lately there have been at least three cases of people being killed by Presa Canario purebred dog or mixes, and, as a result, they are banned in countries like Australia.

7. Pit Bull

Pit Bull is one of the most polarizing dog breeds: some believe that it’s an ideal family dog, while others are aware of the statistics, which say that Pit Bulls are involved in about 45% of dog attacks on humans. That is why Pit Bulls are widely banned in many countries.

8. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a dog breed that comes from Argentina and was developed for hunting large animals. Their hunting qualities are still respected, and they are not the world’s most aggressive breed, but their incredible body strength and athletic build gave them a place on the top 10 dangerous dogs list.

9. American Bulldog

Unlike many dog breeds on our list, the American Bulldog is not reckless or aggressive – in fact, it is known for its friendly attitude to humans. However, the overconfident trait of the American Bulldog leads to incredible stubbornness, which is exactly why they were banned by countries like Singapore and Denmark.

10. Tosa Ken

The single reason why Tosa Ken has been banned nearly a dozen countries is their large size: a dog that is over 80cm tall and weighs over 100kg can be very hard to control, especially in an unexpected situation.

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