Wedding Suit For Men: The Top 10 Of 2018

Wedding suits for groom are as important as a wedding dress for the bride. The day of your wedding will be engraved in your memory forever, and the last thing you want to feel when looking at your wedding photos is that you made some poor style decisions. Check out top 10 wedding suits for men of 2018!

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How to choose the ideal wedding suit for men

Not sure which features to consider when deciding between the various wedding outfits for men? Here are 3 things to look for in your perfect suit for a wedding.

  1. Fit. The fit of the suit can make or break your whole look. Today you can choose from three types of fit: the regular fit, the slim fit, and the tailored fit. These names speak for themselves, and the tailored fit is often a better option for most men.
  2. Fabric. The fabric you choose for your wedding suit largely depends on the season and the weather for the event. A hot summer wedding is definitely a reason to go for a light linen suit, but wool and wool-containing fabrics are a more traditional, all-year-round choice.
  3. Colour. If you’re not a person who often experiments with fashion, your safe bet is a solid-coloured wedding suit: black, grey, brown, or navy blue suit wedding look will give you the confidence you need. More adventurous wearers may benefit from a patterned or jewel-toned suit.

2. Top 10 best wedding suits

Are you feeling lost in all the latest men’s suit designs for a wedding? Don’t worry, because this top 10 of designer wedding suits for men contains every type and fit of suit you can imagine!

1. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Tuxedo

A classic tuxedo is always a great choice for a wedding, and when it’s an affordable black suit with a matching bow tie, flat front trousers, and inner pockets, things couldn’t have been better!

2. Tommy Hilfiger Two Button Stretch Suit

There are at least three reasons to go for this handsome suit: the famous brand name guarantees quality of the garment, the fabric is remarkably light and is great for a summer wedding, and the navy blue colour is exactly what you need for this special occasion.

3. Haggar Slim-Fit Two-Button Suit

In case you’re on a search for the best wedding suits for groom on a less formal wedding, this light-grey suit with a slim fit and two button construction will help you keep a relaxed vibe.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Two Button Suit Jacket

There are few things that are more traditional for a wedding than a three-piece suit in a black colour. This suit will be a great fit for a groom who’s keeping his style classic with a retro twist.

5. Azar Slim Fit White Tuxedo With Black Satin Collar

A white wedding suit is an unconventional choice, but as long as your bride is on board with your styling choices and you’re confident you can wear this suit like a pro, there’s nothing stopping you from going for it!

6. Ralph Lauren Wool Two Button Black Tuxedo

If you’re have a slightly bigger budget for your wedding suit, choose a high quality wool two-piece suit from Ralph Lauren – you can never go wrong with a big name brand!

7. MOGU One Button Three Piece Suit

Besides the beautiful design and impeccable fabric quality, this three-piece suit has at least one other important advantage: the elastic waist, which will make the trousers fit you flawlessly all night long.

8. Perry Ellis Men’s Two Button Slim Fit Solid Suit

Many of the latest wedding suits, including this grey number, are actually multifunctional – after the best night of your life, you will be able to wear them again to all kinds of events.

9. Ferrecci-Zonettie Premium Slim Fit Suit

If the thing you care the most in your wedding suit is the flawless fit, we recommend going with a slim fit suit – for example, this glamorous black one.

10. Salvatore Exte Three Piece Two Button Suit

Not ready to settle for anything less than a fancy and flattering three-piece two-button black suit?  Go for this one and layer it with your favourite colours and patterns!

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