Yemi Alade Hairstyles You Will Love

Yemi Alade is an iconic Nigerian singer and songwriter with millions of followers on social media. Yemi is known and loved for her musical talent, but there is another part of her personality that never fails to attract attention – the various Yemi Alade hairstyles. Check out the best Yemi Alade hair styles!

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1. Braids

Like any Nigerian girl, Yemi Alade cannot imagine her hair without all kinds of Nigerian braids hairstyles. Here are some of our favourite hairstyles featuring Yemi Alade braids.

Yemi wears braids almost all the time, but when she wants to spice up her look or is simply having a bad hair day, she can always throw a stylish Ankara headscarf over her braids and make them even trendier.

Some girls go for minimalistic braid hairstyles, but Yemi Alade always goes as big as possible. This thick blonde braid instantly became an iconic look and inspired thousands of Nigerian ladies to try the same style.

When it comes to big twist braids, Yemi Alade certainly knows what she’s doing. In order to make her beautiful twists stand out even more, she added colour to her hairstyle – these red braids won’t let her go unnoticed.

There are so many things going on in this recent hairstyle rocked by Yemi, but it’s safe to say that all of them work, especially the intricate cornrows and the adorable buns.

Yemi Alade was one of the first Nigerian celebrities to welcome the return of Bantu knots, and since then she’s tried every style and colour of Bantu knots imaginable. These blond knots were an especially successful choice.

Yemi Alade is a person who would never be satisfied by wearing just one type of braids when you could be wearing two or more at the same time! Check out how the front braids beautifully frame her face.

Sometimes we see a Yemi Alade hairstyle that is understated in comparison, but the singer still can upgrade it by adding cute accessories like these popular metallic beads.

Yemi is never afraid of a pop of colour in her hairstyle, whether it’s a subtle highlight or a head full of striking purple braids arranged in one neat bun. No wonder this style became one of Yemi’s best-remembered looks!

Whether it’s just one big braid or a myriad of tiny braids, Yemi Alade works it like a pro. This whole look speaks about her proud African heritage more than words ever will!

Usually Yemi Alade doesn’t chase the trends – she sets them. But this time she couldn’t stand aside of the huge grey hair trend and incorporated in her look, still remaining unique and true to her roots.

2. Curls

When you’re picturing the beloved Nigerian singer, you’re probably imagining a Yemi Alade Afro hairstyle. Yemi loves her beautiful curls and is happy to rock them on any occasion.

A full-scale Afro is a great way to pay homage to African heritage while also setting hair trends for thousands of girls.

Each new look by Yemi Alade is meticulously created and flawlessly executed, and this delicate dress, stunning makeup and gorgeous Afro are the best example of this rule.

When a beautiful yet ordinary Afro seems to mundane for Yemi, she can easily upgrade it – for example, by going for an edgy Afro mohawk.

This version of the Afro mohawk is even edgier and more eye-catching, and perfectly suited for Yemi’s personality.

Another way to spice up the traditional Afro is to add a couple of braids, which is exactly what Yemi Alade did recently to the delight of her fans.

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