All The Types Of Lipstick You Should Know! Sheer, Glossy, Satin, Matte And More

Lipstick is the key element of any woman’s makeup routine, but with so many types of lipsticks available right now it’s easy to get lost. Check out this guide to different types of lipsticks and find out what’s currently missing from your makeup bag!

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1. Cream lipstick

If you’ve ever heard the words “creme lipstick”, you’re probably wondering: what is creme lipstick? Creme lipstick is the same as cream lipstick. It has a smooth formula with plenty of coverage and moderate shine.

Cream lipsticks often contain nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and different oils, but due to their texture, they can still be drying on your lips. The upside, however, is the great staying power and the endless variety of shades that transfer super easily.

2. Sheer lipstick

If you prefer lip products where you can control the level of coverage, then a sheer lipstick is a true must-have. It looks like regular lipstick in the tube, but a single coat of sheer lipstick will only give you a hint of colour.

Sheer lipsticks are popular mostly thanks to being easily built up for more coverage, but if you often experience dry lips after wearing other types of lipstick, you’ll definitely appreciate the moisturizing, oil-rich formula of sheer lipsticks.

3. Matte lipstick

A cult favourite of the past 5 years is the matte lipstick. Every respectable makeup brand has their version of matte lipstick, available in solid or liquid to matte form. Matte lipsticks have a smooth velvety finish with zero gloss.

One of the biggest advantages of matte lipsticks are their coverage: the colour you see in the tube is the colour you’ll see on your lips. Another advantage is great staying power. However, the one big downside of matte lipsticks is that they can dry out your lips after long periods of wear, but you can easily avoid it if you apply a thin coat of lip balm under the matter lipstick.

4. Satin lipstick

You’ve probably heard a lot about satin lipsticks, but many ladies still don’t know for sure what is satin lipstick. The biggest difference between satin and matte lipstick is their finish: matte lipsticks have a flat, velvety finish, while satin lipsticks have slightly more gloss and a more lightweight formula.

5. Lip gloss

Looking for a lip makeup product with the lightest coverage? Then start shopping for your ideal lip gloss! Lip gloss are known for their sheer and glossy texture that works perfect with most makeup looks and is particularly a must-have for summer.

Most lip glosses come in very light shades that looks almost translucent on the lips – that’s the biggest difference in the matte lipstick vs gloss lipstick comparison. If you go for a darker lip gloss, don’t forget to line your lips with a pencil to avoid the gloss seeping around the lips.

6. Lip tint/stain

The lip tint craze originated in South Korea, but this product quickly became known all over the world. Lip tints give you a highly pigmented, long lasting lip colour while being rather transparent. They don’t change your lip texture, but they can often be drying, which is why makeup artists recommend applying lip gloss or balm over lip tint for a comfortable feel.

7. Tinted lip balm

If you’re not in a mood for heavy lip makeup and simply want to brighten up your natural lip colour, time to add a tinted lip balm to your makeup bag. Tinted lip balms are similar to sheer lipsticks, but they have an even more lightweight formula, although many balms have a pigment that acts as a lip tint and stays on your lips for hours.

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