Bespoke Styles You Can Show Your Tailor

Bespoke fashion is the highest level of men’s style. Tailored suits are made specifically for your body type and measurements, and therefore fit 100 times better than even the most expensive ready-made suit. Find out how to get the bespoke suit of your dreams!

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1. What is bespoke tailoring?

If you’ve never had a bespoke suit, the meaning of bespoke tailoring may not be completely clear to you. However, the bespoke meaning is not complicated at all – it simply means that a garment, in this case, a men’s suit, is made entirely from scratch according to the customer’s requirements.

Bespoke suits are often confused with made to measure suits, but these two kinds of tailoring have major differences. Made to measure suits are designed from pre-made styles using the client’s measurements, while bespoke suits are made completely from the ground up.

2. How to work with a bespoke tailor

If you’ve decided to get your first bespoke tailored style, you’ll need a professional tailor who specializes in this kind of work. The easiest way to do it is to look for a tailor in your area online or to ask the men from your social circle for recommendations. Here is how to make sure your bespoke suit ends up exactly like you want it to:

  1. It’s hard to imagine an ideal bespoke suit if you’ve hardly seen any, so before going to the tailor, study photos of bespoke suits online – and not just in fashion magazines and red carpets, but also street wear looks!
  2. Choose the right fabric for your suit. Worsted wool is the most traditional option that looks great in solid-coloured suits, while flannel suits are lightweight and allow you to use more interesting colours.
  3. Set a goal. We all wear suits for different reasons: some men only wear a suit to their own wedding, while others can’t imagine walking into their office in something other than a bespoke suit. Identify your goal for getting a suit to your tailor so that he understands your needs better.
  4. Decide on the style. In case you want your suit to last you for a decade and fit all kinds of attention, consider getting a rather traditional-looking suit. However, it doesn’t have to be boring – you can add colourful lining, extra inner pockets, or a set of interesting buttons.
  5. Come to the fitting prepared. Most importantly, wear or bring the shoes you’re planning to wear with your suit – trying the suit with sneakers or sandals won’t give you a clear idea on what the suit will look like in a formal setting and won’t allow the tailor to get the length of the trousers just right.

3. Top 10 bespoke styles

Need inspiration for your new or first bespoke suit? Here are 10 suits that will definitely catch your attention.

Pinstripe pattern, blue colour, and double-breasted design – this suit is the epitome of classic tailoring.

Spice things up with a tight-fitting, sand-coloured three-piece suit!

A fully black suit with a black shirt is certainly a style for the most special of occasions.

If you’re not afraid of a pop of colour in your formal style, then you’ll definitely appreciate this rose-coloured three-piece suit.

No matter which style or colour you ultimately go for, a bespoke suit is all about the flawless fit!

This classic two-tone tuxedo will get you through any important event, even your own wedding.

Pay homage to your roots when designing your bespoke suit and the result will exceed your expectations!

If you’re a fan of modern suit styles, you’re going to like this fresh take on the traditional grey suit.

A checkered suit is another timeless classic that you can elevate with the right pocket square and tie.

Looking for a suit that will look fantastic both on special occasions and in an office setting? This dark blue classic is a great choice!

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