Current Prices of Building Materials in Nigeria (2018)

Whether you are a future homeowner preparing to build your own property, or a building contractor hired to do an estimate of the construction process, knowing the building materials cost will help you budget everything properly. Check out the latest cost of building materials in Nigeria right now!

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1. Wood

There may be hundreds of new construction materials and technologies, but wood remains a central element in any construction. Looking for the cost of wood for roofing in Nigeria? Here is a complete list of prices:

1. Hardwood

  • 2×2 – 100-200
  • 2×3 – 180-250
  • 2×4 – 300-400
  • 3×4 – 550-660

2. Softwood

  • 2x4x12 – 200-250
  • 2x3x12 – ₦100-200

3. Plywood

  • ½-inch Afara, 1 sheet – 3,000-3,500
  • ¼-inch Afara, 1 sheet – 2,000-2,300
  • ½-inch Obeche, 1 sheet – 2,500-3,500
  • ¾-inch Obeche, 1 sheet – 3,500-4,500
  • ½-inch Veneer, 1 sheet – 2,500-3,000
  • ¼-inch Veneer, 1 sheet – 2,200-2,500

2. PVC ceiling

PVC ceilings are a practical and affordable way to decorate the ceilings in any room. The PVC material not only looks neat and modern, but also absorbs noise and acts as an insulator, keeping the temperature inside stable.

The PVC ceiling price in Nigeria depends on the design of the tiles and their thickness. On average, 10 plain white PVC tiles for about 4m2 coverage will cost you between 1,500 and 4,500, which means that PVC is one of the cheapest options when it comes to ceiling coverage.

3. Tiles

Tiles in Nigeria remain a popular way to decorate floors, walls, and even ceilings. In order to last you for decades without the need for expensive repairs, floor tiles need to be durable.

However, the appearance of the tiles will have a huge effect on the look of your house, so make sure to take both durability and design into account when shopping for tiles. Check out the price of floor tiles in Nigeria as well as wall tile prices!

1. Floor tiles

  • Pack of 30×30 ceramic tiles – 1,200-1,500
  • Pack of 30×30 vitrified tiles – 1,000-1,500
  • Pack of 30×60 vitrified tiles – 1,500-1,600
  • Pack of 40×40 vitrified tiles – 1,200-1,500

2. Wall tiles

  • 1 piece 8×12 tile – 500-650
  • 1 piece 25×40 tile – 1,000-1,250

4. Roofing sheets

A very important entry on the list of current building materials prices in Nigeria are roofing sheets, which protect your home from the elements ruining every part of your carefully crafted interior. Most Nigerian builders today prefer to use aluminium roofing sheets:

  • 1 piece 0.45 sheet – 1,500-1,700
  • 1 piece 0.55 sheet – 1,900-2,200
  • 1 piece 0.70 sheet – ₦2,400-2,600
  • 1 piece 0.90 sheet – 2,700-3,100

5. Sand

What else to you need on your building materials list for constructing a quality home? Of course, it’s top-notch sand! There are all kinds of sand in Nigeria for your building needs, from coarse to smooth:

  • Smooth sand, 7 tons –  18,000-20,000
  • Smooth sticky sand, 7 tons – 25,000-28,000
  • Plaster sand, 7 tons – 25,000-28,000
  • Sharp coarse sand, 20 tons – 30,000-45,000

6. Cement

Cement is a valuable building material that is used in all kinds of construction, and the cement price in Nigeria is rather volatile. Want to know how much is a bag of cement in Nigeria today? Here are the current prices, including the cost of pop cement in Nigeria:

  • Ashaka cement, 50kg – 1,500
  • Sokoto cement, 50kg – 1,550
  • Wapco cement, 50kg – 1,600
  • UNICEM cement, 50kg – 2,550
  • Dangote cement, 50kg – 2,500-2,800
  • Eagle cement, 50kg – 2,550
  • Cellular Concrete cement, 50kg – 1,550
  • Elephant cement, 50kg – 2,500

7. Building blocks

Building blocks are among the most modern and practical components of constructing a strong and durable home. If you’re considering buying building blocks for your construction project, here are the prices:

  • 6-inch hand-moulded block – 100-120
  • 9-inch hand-moulded block – ₦100-130
  • 6-inch vibrated block – 100-150
  • 9-inch vibrated block – 130-160

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