Health Benefits Of Okra

Okra has been cultivated over 3,500 years. It is popular on all continents, particularly thanks to the unique composition. Okra benefits are mentioned even in adventurous novels and Hollywood movies. It is the only food spaceship crew has in Garrison’s novel and the last distinct plant in Interstellar.

But does mass culture provide enough evidence of the health benefits of okro? Let’s find out more about okra health benefits and side effects to get better understanding concerning uses of okra and its potential for different fields.

Useful properties

Okra is full of Vitamins (C, B6, K), minerals (iron, potassium, thiamine, calcium, etc), proteins, and fibers. The seeds contain oil, which reminds olive oil. The composition enables okra with a list of useful properties:

  • Fibers and mucus deal with excessive cholesterol and bilis, normalize gut flora and favor the generation of beneficent bacteria.
  • This vegetable lowers sugar levels.
  • It influences the vascular system and joint mobility positively.
  • It has anti-aging, warming, and antiseptic effects.

okra health benefits and side effects

Medical uses

Judging from the properties mentioned above, okra can be used for curing numerous conditions.

  • It is recommended for people suffering from digestive tract diseases and diabetes.
  • It should be included in the daily menu during a diet with weight loss purpose.
  • Okra helps to deal with chronic fatigue and depression.
  • It charms away asthma attacks and benefits fast health restoration after respiratory diseases.
  • Okra strengthens the vascular system and lightens atherosclerosis syndrome.
  • Recent studies prove that okra prevents rectal cancer.
  • Okra contains the high level of folic acid that is extremely significant for pregnant women, or rather for babies’ nervous system formation.

Cosmetic properties

According to historical writings, ancient beauties, including Cleopatra, used okra very often. Maybe this is the secret of their amazing appearance!

One way or another, you can use okra for natural hair growth – to make them strong, shiny, and silky. Cut pods into pieces and boil until the mixture becomes slimy. Use it as hair balsam.

Okra benefits skin as well. Add the extract in face cream, and you will get a perfect cosmetic agent for skin protection. Soon you’ll forget about pimples and skin unevenness.

Culinary uses

Okra is used in cooking. Pick bright green pods up to 10 cm long. Do not store okra for a long time before cooking – okra doesn’t remain fresh for a long time. The taste of this vegetable reminds mixed beans and zucchini – an interesting combination.

There are many ways to cook okra: eat it raw, fry, boil, ragout, and marinade. Fresh okra is perfect for light salads and soups, especially if you want to keep all health benefits of okra soup. Cook okra with spices – lemon juice, ginger, pepper, thyme, garlic, onion, etc.  

okra health benefits and side effects

How to make okra water

Besides the abovementioned benefits of okra water, it is the effective cold medicine. Take 15 grams of pods and pour with hot water. Leave for 30 minutes. Then drink 0.3 glass three times a day to nurse coughing and cold.

Another option is okra root infusion. To prepare this one, pour 20 grams of mashed roots with 0.5 liters of hot water and leave for an hour. Add some honey and drink 1 tablespoon several times during the day to cure respiratory tract illnesses.

Side effects

If you are curious about okra and okra water side effects, there is good news for you. No side effects have been detected despite individual allergic reactions. However, okra benefits for men have been questioned lately.

The interrelation between okro and male fertility is still being studied, and some suggest that consuming this product too often can lead to infertility. So if you are asking yourself a question “Is okra good for man?” just remember about consumption in moderate amounts.