House Of Tara Products And Prices

The Nigerian beauty industry is filled with famous brands launched by and for Nigerian women. The competition in the market is very stiff, but House of Tara still managed to become on of the top makeup brands in Nigeria. Check out this ultimate list of House of Tara products and prices!

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1. Eyes

There are hundreds of ideas for gorgeous eye makeup, and there are House of Tara products for every type of eye makeup and occasion. Here are the most popular ones with prices.

1. QUEEN NANA II Eyeshadow

If you’re a fan of colourful eye makeup and complex looks, this 16-colour eyeshadow palette inspired by the African continent will allow you to fulfil every makeup fantasy you have.

Price: 11,000

2. Volume Boosting Mascara

Create a mesmerizing volume on your lashes and define your eyes with zero clumps and a 100% black colour with no compromises!

Price: 2,500

3. Brow Fix

An eyebrow gel is a multi-purpose product: it can help you set the desired shape of the eyebrows and make it last all day, fix the eyebrow colour, or prepare the eyebrows for the application of makeup.

Price: 2,700

4. 4-colour Eyeshadow

One of the most popular Tara products are their 4-colour eyeshadow palettes, which allow you to create a range of eyeshadow looks, from natural to smokey eye, in one complementary colour scheme.

Price: 2,500

5. Malia Precision Liquid Liner

Want to know how to create flawless eyeline every time you do makeup? Then make sure to choose the right product – for example, this precision, highly pigmented liquid eyeliner pen from Tara!

Price: 3,500

6. 3-colour Eyeshadow

If a four-colour palette is too complex for your busy lifestyle, consider 3-colour eyeshadow from House of Tara, which contains all kinds of colours, from nude and chocolate shades to trendy pinks and purples.

Price: 2,000


2. Lips

Lips are the defining accent in every makeup: with the help of the right Tara makeup products for lips you can create anything from an office-friendly look to glamorous date makeup.

1. Lip Liner/Crayon

Another multi-purpose House of Tara product, this time for your beautiful lips. Use it as a lip liner for glosses and lipsticks, or put it all over your lips for a trendy matte look.

Price: 1,600

2. High Shine Lip Stain

If you prefer your lip makeup to stay in place all day but experience dryness from matte lipsticks, this glossy lip stain is the ideal long-lasting and moisturizing alternative!

Price: ₦2,000

3. Matte Lipstick

Long-lasting formula, sultry matte look, and an endless variety of colours – what more could you want from your new favourite lipstick?

Price: 2,700

4. Dual Lip Gloss

Why get just one lip colour when you can get two? Wear them on their own or combine for the most unique lip makeup look!

Price: 2,200

5. Metallic Lip Stain

Embrace one of the biggest lip makeup trends of the year with a metallic lip stain, available in 6 bold colours, which even includes a dark blue shade.

Price: 5,000

3. Face

No makeup look is complete without flawless skin, and there are plenty of Tara powder and foundation products to give you the look you desire.

1. Mattifying Face Primer

Start off your way to gorgeous complexion with an oil-free face primer that smooths out and mattifies your skin, preparing it for the rest of the products.

Price: 4,200

2. Medium Coverage Foundation

To achieve skin that looks smooth and flawless but still natural, use a foundation with medium coverage available in over a dozen of shades.

Price: 8,500

3. Full Powder Palette

The 8 shades in this powder palette will not only allow you to pick the right shade for fixing the foundation, but will also work great for contouring and highlighting.

Price: 19,000

4. Full Blush Palette

This 12-colour blush palette was designed mainly for professional use, but even if you only do your own makeup, you’ll still enjoy trying different blush shades and creating your own unique combinations.

Price: ₦13,000

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