How To Get Waves In Your Hair: The Best Tutorials

If you’re wondering how to get 360 waves, then you have noticed that the 30’s hairstyle, that we also know as the «Finger waves» came back this year?

The 360 waves, or finger waves hairstyle has been rearing its head recently: just recall Beyonce’s «Sweet dream» video clip, where she rocks this hairstyle, and Rihanna rocking the finger waves in a «pour it up» video!

These are just a few examples that prove that finger waves hairstyle is far from leaning back! And this year celebs like Demi Lovato, Nene Leakes, and Tonto Dike are rocking the look, setting an example for everyone.

Let’s find out the different ways of how to get waves with short and long hair fast!

how to get 360 waves

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1. How to get 360 waves with short hair

There have many techniques to get 360 waves on short hair, but most of them are too complicated! So we have made a deep research and discovered the easy technique that works very well.

1.1. How to create soft waves in short hair: the things you will need

  • A doo-rag.
  • A firm bristle, hoarse hairbrush.
  • Pomade: if you want to use the most popular brand’s product, try Murray’s or Nu Nile.
  • A soft towel.
  • Hot water.

One important tip for your hair and its texture: in order to get 360 waves, your hair should be at least 1,5” in length.

how to get waves overnight

1.2. How do i get waves in my hair: defining the hair texture

  • Curly Hair (very soft) – start the process with stage 1.
  • Medium Hair (normal) – start the process with stage 1.
  • Very Coarse Hair (heavy, tightly curled, thick) – texturize your hair first in order to soften it. You can use a texturizing kit (Duke, S-Curl, Sportin’ Waves). Leave the texturizer in for 5 minutes, then neutralize it and dry your hair (use hair dryer or air dry). Now jump to stage 2.

how do you get waves in your hair

1.3. How do you get waves in your hair: the stages

  • Stage 1. Clean dry your hair with a high-quality conditioning shampoo.
  • Stage 2. Apply a bit of Nu Nile throughout your hair. Don’t worry if it looks white.
  • Stage 3. Soak the towel with hot water, and wring it well.
  • Stage 4. Place the towel on your hair for 2 minutes; press the towel so the pomade can melt into your hair. Then remove the towel.
  • Stage 5. Evenly brush your hair from the crown area in the direction that your hair grows all the way around.
  • Stage 6. Tie your hair down with a Doo-Rag. For the best results, do it before you go to sleep (or at any leisure time you have).
  • Stage 7. Repeat this process twice a day.

how to create soft waves in short hair

1.4. How to get 360 waves: do not’s

  • Avoid brushing your hair when you remove the Doo-Rag.
  • Do not shampoo your hair for 7-14 days while processing your waves. Once your hair is wet, the wave pattern becomes loose.
  • Do not get a haircut for 14-21 days, you may only get a lineup. Once you get your waves all around the head then you can get a haircut with a 1,5 guard – with the grain. After the haircut, you should repeat these 7 stages. Keep wearing the Doo-Rag.
  • Keep in mind to ask your barber to avoid using a guard less than the 1,5 guard – with the grain.

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how do i get waves in my hair

2. How to create loose waves in long hair

This hairstyle is called «beach hair» – it is a kind of sultry look for the soft and messy waves. In fact, they are not sultry, but it’s cool to style them like this.

You can get beach waves hairstyle in different ways. Keep in mind that the beach waves look best on hair that is a few inches lower than the shoulders.

how to get waves

2.1. Useful tips

  • Buy a high-quality curl-enhancing mousse.
  • Slightly spray your hair with water until it becomes damp.
  • Put a little amount of the mousse in the hair and tip your head upside down.
  • Rub the mousse through the hair, scrunch gently as you move your fingers.
  • If you start with an olive/coconut oil it will create a barrier between the mousse and your hair, giving you the extra softness.

how do you get waves in your hair

2.2. Method 1

Scrunch your hair for 5 minutes using a blow dryer with a diffuser. Add some charm to this look, wear a hat to create the care-free look.

how to get waves overnight

2.3. Method 2

  • Use a large, 1-inch curling iron. Protect your hair from the heat damage, putting on a heat protecting spray.
  • Separate the hair into several sections, start from the one side and move to the next.
  • Grab a hair section in the front and wrap it around the barrel, hold it like this for a few seconds, not longer.
  • Then, carefully unwrap the hair from the curling iron and go for other sections. Repeat this process all around your head. And the end you will get very soft, messy and loose waves!

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how to create loose waves in long hair

3. Best wave cream for black hair

How To Get Waves With Sportin’ Waves Pomade: Wave Grease Hair Tutorial

Wave Grease: How To Get 720 Waves or 360 Waves using Sportin’ Waves Pomade. Best way to use Sporting Waves and my official review of Sportin’ Waves Pomade.

4. How to get waves overnight

Wanna know how to get waves fast? Get the results overnight with this easy tutorial:

5 Easy Overnight Heatless Waves/Curls

I’ve tried so many overnight heatless hairstyles so that I can just wake up in the morning and my hair would turn out nice without taking too much time (since I’m always rushing in the morning…) and these are my favourite ones that always turn out great for me!

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