How To Grow And Maintain A Beard

Having a beard became a symbol of style and masculinity a few years ago, and since then more and more men become more interested in beard grooming. The two most important things you need to learn is how to grow facial hair and how to maintain it. Check out this complete guide on how to grow and groom a beard!

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1. How to grow a beard

Want to know how to grow beard on cheeks naturally? Follow these simple tips!

1. Set realistic goals

If you ever hear someone telling you how to grow beards in a week, take those words with a grain of salt – even the fastest way to grow a beard will take you much longer than that, but you still can speed up the process.

2. Take care of your skin

Beautiful beards grow only on healthy skin. When you’re preparing to grow out a beard, remember to wash your face twice a day, exfoliate twice a week, and use a moisturizing cream once a day to improve the state of your skin and prepare it for beard growth.

3. Consider taking supplements

If you’re wondering how to grow beard faster, the answer may be taking supplements! Biotin and B vitamins are essential for healthy beard growth. Moreover, you need to watch your diet: eat plenty of protein, fresh fruits, and vegetables to give your body the ability to grow a neat beard.

4. Avoid using the tools

When your beard is still in its growing out stage, it’s essential not to interfere in the process with various tools. Contrary to a popular belief, shaving your beard does not lead to faster growth, and constantly trimming your beard before it’s 4-6 weeks old may negatively influence its shape.

5. Use oils

There are many natural ways to grow beard, but if you want to know how to make your beard grow faster than you hoped, use special beard growth oils. For example, castor oil is one of the best beard growth products that has proven to be very effective for growing a handsome beard.

2. How to maintain a beard

When your beard has reached the desired length, your work doesn’t stop there, as in order to look good, a beard needs to be regularly maintained.

1. Choose the right shape

After your beard is already long, it’s time to trim it to give it the ideal shape for your face. The goal here is to make your face as oval as possible. It means that if you have a round or square face, your beard needs to be long and streamlined, but trimmed at the sides. Oblong and rectangular faces require a shorter but wider beard.

2. Continue shaving

The neckbeard is considered to be a big no-no among beard wearers, but if you want to know how to stop beard growth on your neck, the only solution is shaving. Draw an imaginary line from one ear to another above the Adam’s apple and shave anything below that line.

3. Keep your beard clean and soft

Like the hair on the top of your head, your beard needs to be regularly washed. Of course, you can use a regular shampoo or liquid soap, but your beard will look much better if you use a shampoo designed specifically for washing beards.

Unkempt and prickly beard neither looks nor feels good. Soften your beard using a beard oil. Apply the oil every day using a special beard comb and lightly massage it into the skin underneath the beard to stimulate even growth.

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