How To Remove Tribal Marks

Tribal marks belong to those cultural aspects that have become controversial nowadays. On the one hand, they are the remnant of the ancient heritage. On the other hand, this is ill-treating of children. What is obvious, lately more people want to find out how to get rid of tribal marks.

Tribal mark removal means and techniques are diverse by difficulty levels, expenses, timing etc. Besides tribal mark removal cream, you can try natural ingredients, masks, and makeup. If they don’t work, it probably means surgery is required. Nevertheless, let’s find out how to remove tribal marks domiciliary first.

Products for tribal marks removal

how to get rid of tribal marks

  • Lemon juice contains natural whitening elements, which make scars less visible.
  • Aloe juice is more effective on early stages. Nevertheless, it possesses outstanding healing properties and is worth a try.
  • Honey is a universal natural mask. Cover the scars twice a day to make them less visible.

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Masks for tribal marks removal

There are several recipes for those, who want to know how to clear tribal marks at home. Forget about costly procedures. Instead, get some herbs and aroma oils.

how to get rid of tribal marks

  1. Fill a 0.5-liter jar with chickweed and pour with refined sunflower oil. Leave in a fridge for two weeks. Use it to make compresses.
  2. Mix rosemary, mint, rosewood, lavender, tea olive, fennel, and crane’s-bill aroma oils in equal parts. Anoint tribal marks every day.
  3. Mix dried nettle, camomile, and milfoil in equal parts. Pour with a glass of hot water and leave for an hour, then sift it. Use as a compress.
  4. Mix one tablespoon of oatmeals with one tablespoon of cream. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice and mix well once more. Apply for 15 minutes, then wash off.

Scar polishing

how to get rid of tribal marks

Some are curious how to cover tribal marks with makeup. The effect depends on scar intensity. You will need just to choose a good foundation for your skin tone. To make it more effective, consider some preparation, like scar polishing.

It is the mechanical treatment of the skin with a massage brush, washcloth or sponge.  Apply a little aroma oil and stretch the scar with intensive circular motions. The harder the brush, the better. However, it is important to be careful and not to aggravate the situation.

Cover the treated zone with moisturizing cream.  It is recommended that the procedure be repeated no more than once a week. This way of scar scar removal is not pleasant and can be unsafe, so don’t get fanatic.

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