Laundry Price List In Nigeria

The laundry business is the kind of an enterprise that is capable of generating a stable income. Today, there is no strong competition in the segment of providing laundry services so you can become victorious without a miracle. The only thing you will need for the start is a strong laundry business plan.

Let’s find out what do you need to open a laundry and dry cleaning, and how to start a laundry business to become one of the segment’s leaders?

laundry price list in nigeria

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1. How to start a laundry business in Nigeria: the format

First of all, you should start with the choice of the format of your business, because it will help you to determine your target audience and the scale of services you will need to provide:

  • One of the options can be a dry-cleaning laundry. How to start a dry cleaning business and get to the top? Offer your customers a full range of professional services – from stain removal to ironing. If you will start serving high-segment customers – you’ll face high costs at the start, but it will be easier to return your investments.
  • For servicing legal entities (restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, hospitals), opt for industrial scale laundry, since you will wash hundreds of kilograms of laundry per day.
  • You can start a self-service laundry: the client loads laundry himself and gets it ready in a few hours. In this case, the payment is provided through special receivers before washing. It is better to locate this enterprise near the hostels and serve students and tourists. This business format is one of the most attractive amongst the laundry service business ideas, ‘cause does not require high costs for a start.
  • Another option is to organize a laundry at home. This is a way of additional earnings for women in the decree, retired workers working at home. It will take only a free space for drying; if you want, you can buy the professional equipment. This is an affordable service for business travelers or students.

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laundry business plan

2. How to start a cleaning company in Nigeria: the location

If you want your laundry to become more advantageous, you should locate it next to educational institutions and hostels for students/workers, military campuses, hospitals with inpatient treatment, near the housing estates or new buildings.

how to start a laundry business

3. How to start a cleaning business in Nigeria: the premises

For laundry with loading up to 10 kg of laundry per hour, a room of 30-50 sq. m. will be enough; if you plan to wash 30 kg – look for 150 sq. m. premises.

There are also some special requirements for the premises:

  • it has to be located on the ground or semi-basement floor;
  • there should be an electricity supply of 380/220 volts and up to 50 kW capacity;
  • there should be sewerage, water, ventilation;
  • to serve legal entities, you need to choose premises in industrial buildings, where the electricity capacity is bigger.

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laundry business in nigeria

4. Laundry business in Nigeria: the staff

For one self-service laundry point, you will need only one person: it may be the business owner, but it is better to hire an experienced administrator.

how to start a cleaning company in nigeria

5. How to start a laundry business: the skills list

If you plan to be physically involved in the business processes, then you will need some skills. It is ideal if you have experience in this business first – like you have worked at the laundry before and you have learned various parts of the processes of this business – like cloth handling, customer relations, bookkeeping.

For example, your must-have laundry skills will include:

  • cloth handling and sorting;
  • cloth folding;
  • starching;
  • washing;
  • dry cleaning;
  • ironing;
  • dealing with white clothes or special fabrics, etc.

price of washing machine in nigeria

6. Laundry service business plan: the equipment

When you will get a steady stream of clients, do not spend all your profits and save a part of your weekly profit for the business expansion.

Your laundromat business plan will consist of the following equipment to start a mid-scale laundry enterprise:

  • 12-15kg washing machine for laundry business/laundry machine;
  • 5 KVA generator;
  • drying machine and drying racks;
  • irons (dry and steam irons) and ironing board;
  • packaging waterproofs;
  • washing supplies (bleach, detergents, stain removers);
  • other items (hangars, tagging gun, brushes, buckets, etc).

An industrial washing machine price in Nigeria may vary depending on your region and brand. Here’s the list of the popular brands to look from:

  • Electrolux;
  • Stahl;
  • Miele;
  • DreMaTec;
  • Veit;
  • Passat;
  • Hawo;
  • Atupack&Odenbach;
  • Schultess;
  • Girbau;
  • Ipso;
  • Dubix;
  • GMP;
  • AGA;
  • Magik-Stir;
  • Ghidini;
  • Donini;
  • Socomatic;
  • Brown.

washing machine for laundry business

7. The estimated cost of starting a laundry business in Nigeria (medium-sized laundry service)

  • 12-15 kg washing machine – N65,000 (price of washing machine in Nigeria may significantly vary depending on brand, your location or the condition if you buy used equipment);
  • 5 KVA Generator – N150,000;
  • drying machine – N45,000;
  • 1 steam and 1 dry iron – N7,000;
  • advertising and promotion – N6,000;
  • cloth rack – N5,000;
  • detergents, stain removals, bleach, soaps and other washing accessories – N10,000;
  • others (hangars, buckets, waterproof, tagging gun, permanent markers, etc) – N20,000;
  • premises rent – N150,000 per annum;
  • premises remodeling, painting – N20,000;
  • overall sum – N478,000.

This is your estimate laundry price list in Nigeria. Depending on your search, some of these can be gotten fairly used thereby saving cost.

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cost of starting a laundry business in nigeria

8. Pricing, running costs, and your profit

In Lagos, everyday clothes are usually cleaned for N250-N300.

In Port Harcourt, for example, washing and ironing one long sleeve shirt costs N300. Lighter clothes like socks, singlets, ties, and head-ties cost N50-N100. Cleaning items like suits (N500), native attires (N350) and bed sheets cost higher.

Running costs include money that is spent on generator fueling, washing supplies, utility bills, transportation, etc. For a mid-sized laundry, these monthly costs can reach N30,000. Having workers rises this sum.

But keep in mind that extra hands match up with the volume of work being done. Monthly revenue usually amounts to N100,000.

laundromat business plan

9. Tips for the winners

  • Market or promote your laundry service business;
  • Offer bonus services;
  • Think of some customer loyalty competitions & reward systems;
  • Offer discounts;
  • Opt for specialized services your customers can enjoy, such as free WiFi, TV, and couches.

how to start a laundry business in nigeria

How to start a successful dry cleaning business in Nigeria

How to start a successful dry cleaning business in Nigeria Are you looking for a good business idea that can bring you at least 500,000 Naira monthly? Then you need to learn how to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria We are happy to write this post, as it will introduce you to one awesome and highly demanded business – laundry and cleaning services.

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