Up And Down Fashion Styles You Will Love!

People say that you know fashion or even you are fashionable when you wear the outfits that are in vogue, but they say that you have got style if you know how to express yourself through your clothes!

Up And Down Fashion is your basis, and it also changes from season to season, from one year to another. And if the fashion switches with the season, the style is influenced by many factors like weather, designers’ ideas, religion, moral upbringing, etc.

Fashion fades, but the style is eternal! Let’s check out the up down dress fashion ideas, are always nearby, staying fresh and up-to-date!

tops and skirts 2018

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1. Up Down Fashion: The Tops

1.1. Peplum tops

These tops can be made out of Ankara or other materials. The thing is that they come in a great variety of colors and designs and can easily make your body shape smooth!

peplum tops

1.2. The cold-shoulders sleeves

These tops are just beautiful! are beautiful on tops. These tops look very feminine and you can wear them at nearly every event!

up down dress fashion

1.3. Dramatic sleeves and off shoulder blouses

Tops with dramatic sleeves are the perfect example of Nigeria’s top followed trend. You just cannot resist the beautiful off-shoulder Ankara tops with exaggerated long sleeves or designer tops with dramatic sleeves that make you look as feminine as the woman can!

up down dress fashion

1.4. Fitted t-shirts

These stylish and trendy, comfortable t-shirts with colorful print details are the modern girl’s favorites and this trend is under the close attention of the today’s fashionistas! They come with long or short sleeves, in various designs so they can please every fashionable woman.

up down dress fashion

1.5. Fringes

Straight from the 18th century, these outfits came here to bring the seduction in our everyday lives!

Today, the designers have stopped limiting themselves by placing fringes on the ends of gowns and skirts: today you can find various blouses, tops, and shirts with fringes that create an amazing feminine look.

up down dress fashion

1.6. Crop tops

Every girl has several tops in her wardrobe, and each girl has at least one crop top. These tops come in various styles: for example, the top-tube is rather tight and is made without straps, and the hunter-top has regulated ties fixed around the neck.

up down dress fashion

1.7. Chiffon tops and blouses

There are hundreds of chiffon tops designs and that’s why we made a separate category for them in this post.

Fashionistas just love maxi and short trendy chiffon tops that come in one- or multilayer folds. All modern types of tops made out of chiffon perfectly fit your figure so you won’t be mistaken when choosing one.

Also, you won’t look bulky or fat wearing chiffon top: its flowing structure makes you look elegant and stunning!

up down dress fashion

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Lovely Ankara Tops & Blouses 2017

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2. Up Down Dress Fashion: The Skirts

2.1. Pleated A-line skirts

This skirt has a narrow waistline and widens evenly to the bottom. The silhouette of this skirt is commonly wider at the hemline than at the waistline. This skirt is ideal for ladies with heavy lower body parts.

up down fashion

2.2. Midi skirts

An elegant midi skirt is a must-have for a lady because it is the basics that perfectly accompanies the great variety of clothing ensembles.

up down fashion

2.3. Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts come in a huge variety of extremely stylish designs, they are versatile and sexy. And if you wear them with the right styling and accessories, you have a chance to transform your common appearance into a modern chic look!

up down fashion

2.4. Peplum hem skirts

This is a great trend of the season; paired with a fitted printed shirt, it creates a very elegant look. You can add some vivid colors with the help of accessories, a stylish handbag & ankle strap heels.

up down fashion

2.5. Monochrome skirts

White and black skirt models can perfectly add a fresh breath to your wardrobe. Stretchy and figure accentuating skirt models add a charm to your look, no matter what other outfits you choose.

up down fashion

2.6. Maxi Skirts

This is a legal must-have winning solution for every woman, that you can wear in cold or hot weather, that helps you to create the laid-back or black-tie look!

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up down fashion

Latest Ankara Skirt And Blouse Styles 2018 In Nigeria

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3. Up And Down Fashion: The Trousers

3.1. Low-waist trousers

The low-waist trousers are extremely popular these days.

These trousers come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the hips and waist size. There are ‘Orobos’ models for ladies with a posh figure – or ‘Lepacious’ trousers for the skinny girls.

You can wear low-waist trousers to parties, lecture theatres, jams, hostel parties and jams, and they unconsciously lead into temptation!

Up And Down Fashion

3.2. Wide trousers

There is no easier and chicer way to freshen up your look than these trousers. Many amazing trousers models came out this season to choose from!

Up And Down Fashion

3.3. The modern classic trousers

The Fold’s Donmar Trousers have a great cut on petite woman’s figure.

Up And Down Fashion

3.4. Mannish trousers with topstitching

Small details make the great impact! These trousers come in two types of silhouette: the crop and the man pant, and both are rather weighty (they skim your thighs and perk up your bottoms).

Up And Down Fashion

3.5. Velvet trousers

You can easily wear these trousers all year round. There are some chic models of velvet trousers with bare ankles and linen or cotton.

Up And Down Fashion

3.6. The paper bag trousers

The paper bag trousers have a quite mainstream appeal. Many models made out of comfy, soft and drapey materials. Choose the right accessories to create a more feminine look.

Up And Down Fashion

3.7. Culottes

Culottes are as elegant and even vampish as the pencil skirts. Wear them with the belts to sharpen and your look, emphasizing your shapes.

Up And Down Fashion

3.8. Boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend jeans are a must-have that adds an edge to your appearance. These jeans let our legs breathe compared with the everyday tight jeans or tailored trousers.

You can pair them with high- heels to add a sexy touch or with the trendy flats to create a casual look.

Up And Down Fashion

3.9. Palazzo pants

You will never go wrong with designer palazzo pants: they are comfortable lightweight, quite airy and look so stunning! The more tailored models paired with a fitted shirt are perfect for the office look. They also look good with stilettos and pumps.

Up And Down Fashion

3.10. Track pants

If you are going to hit the GYM, go traveling or create a relaxed casual look, you should definitely choose the track pants! These pants are extremely comfortable, so go and get one in your favorite color!

Up And Down Fashion

3.11. Ankara shorts

The classic models come in a great variety of styles, colors, and lengths so you can easily pick the model that perfectly works for you. You can pair them with the T-shirts, strict blouses, and jackets of any type. Common classic models are monochrome and are suitable for multicolor tops with different patterns.

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Up And Down Fashion


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