Alternative Uses Of Ankara You Should Try!

Different Ankara styles are extremely popular nowadays, though the fabric is relatively cheap.  Today Ankara clothes have become the heart of the modern fashion world, and many designers and fashionistas create amazing fashion pieces out of this versatile colorful material.

We got used to following the news from the world of fashionable Ankara clothes, but sometimes we do not notice all other, no less interesting novelties, such as Ankara accessories, jewelry, earrings, Ankara handbags, and shoes! But these fashion pieces will help you to complement your Ankara look and make it just perfect!

Let’s take a closer look at each different type of Ankara styles, that will help you create a truly unique look!

ankara shoes and bags designs

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1. Ankara bags

1.1. Ankara handbags

Designer Ankara bags are very fashionable, eye-popping and stylish. You can always use the latest winning designer models to create your glam African look!

The latest Ankara handbags come in various sizes and shapes, so you will definitely find a perfect model that you will love. Depending on the color and the shape of the Ankara purse, it can easily complement your semi-formal look or your everyday leisure look.

Ankara cocktail bags are a must-have for creating your modern fashion look. This is a winning stylish solution for any party you want to attend – bachelorette party, nightclub or a corporate party.

Latest casual Ankara bags designs are just a splash of vivid colors that will cheer you up. This bag will become your favorite everyday accessory that will complement your casual outfit. The latest casual bags models look just as they came from the fashion show podium.

But be careful with the vivid prints – the bag has to complement your look, but not to be the central part of your wardrobe.

1.2. Ankara backpacks

The medium size Ankara backpack is the thing you will definitely need for the everyday use or your sports activities! Usually, they have several pockets for all your necessities and even an internal pocket for a laptop! The modern water-resistant materials will always keep your things safe.

1.3. Ankara laptop bags

Give yourself a chance to look stylishly Afrocentric with the latest designer Ankara laptop bags! These sturdy accessories feature several front & back pockets with enough room for all the things you want to take with you.

As for the large inner compartment, it is specially designed to fit your laptop, power pack and other electronic items you will need!

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ankara purse

ankara handbags

ankara bags designs

ankara handbags

2. African jewelry

2.1. Ankara necklaces

If you have the mood to wear a simple white T-shirt but still want to look interesting? Add some stylish Ankara designed accessories to your look!

You can choose either a pair of trendy Ankara earrings, or a huge necklace, that emphasizes your beautiful neck, or a set of bright Ankara bangles. Make every fashionista on the street jealous!

The statement Ankara necklace is usually made out of several wax fabric cords that are sewn and fitted around the acrylic fiber. These trendy, African inspired, colorful accessories can be worn with the casual or posh dressy outfits, creating an extraordinary look that everyone will notice.

Sometimes the designers add some beads and glass pearls to give the item a slightly modern touch. The decorative knot combination, matching the fabric make the necklace look even more interesting and unique.

2.2. Ankara bangles

The latest vibrant designer handmade bangles look great worn individually or in a stack (bangles will look even more attractive if you wear many of them together). These accessories are thin and lightweight, so they are quite comfortable to wear.

The different types of Ankara bangles have many various unique patterns and stripes to choose from so you won’t be disappointed!

2.3. Ankara earrings

Handmade Ankara earrings have many variations because every designer adds some new and unique details to the common recipe.

The design of the earrings really amazes: they come in various colors/ shapes, styles and sizes. Latest designer earrings models will definitely help you to break up the everyday dull colors. Also, they are made of various materials: bands, beads, chains, etc., successfully complementing your native, corporate or casual look.

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african jewelry

african jewelry

ankara earrings and bangles

ankara earrings

african jewelry

Check out these trendy DIY Ankara earrings and bangles:

how to make Ankara earrings and bangles in 5 minute

Uploaded by School Of Shoemaking And Craft on 2015-10-26.

3. Ankara shoes

3.1. Ankara slippers and sandals

If you are tired with the strict classic high-heels, Ankara slippers and sandals will become one of your most comfortable wear for everyday use. There is a great variety of designer flat shoes to choose from – sandals, ballet shoes, slip-on shoes, so even if you are a picky person you will find the perfect pair for yourself.

Try trendy Ankara ballet flats and popular sandals, made out of high-quality Ankara fabric and natural leather – and you won’t be disappointed!

3.2. Ankara training shoes

Ankara training shoes are also a goods choice for our everyday sports activities because it is a very comfy fashion trend.

Bright Ankara sneakers are able to enliven the dullest look! You can combine the latest designer Ankara training shoes with your favorite pants and jeans – they really match everything!

Depending on your dress-code, you can combine Ankara training shoes with your strict office suit and transform your boring daily look into trendy & colorful one!

Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing skirts and dresses with Ankara sneakers – just keep in mind the style and colors match!

3.3. Ankara high-heels

Ankara high-heels are a classic choice. The latest designer high-heels models will beautify your evening look and add some zest to your strict evening look. Even the most neutral evening gown looks fabulous with a pair of bright designer Ankara high-heels!

Of course, you can always wear them with your jeans, jumpsuit or costume!

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different ankara styles

different ankara styles

different ankara styles

ankara slippers and sandals

ankara slippers and sandals

4. Ankara hair accessories

Various Ankara fascinators are extremely trendy these days: this is a real must-have if you want to make a fashion statement!

You can wear hairpins and clips to the side, as a bun at the top of your head, and even wear it over your scarf, creating a new look every day!

ankara hair accessories

ankara hair accessories

ankara hair accessories

ankara hair accessories

ankara hair accessories

5. Ankara shoes and bags designs

Ankara Bags And Shoes Designs

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