Ankara Peplum Jacket Styles: The Latest From 2018

Peplum remains the most popular jacket style in Nigeria for many years. The reason for its popularity is its universally flattering fit that looks fabulous on any body type. Check out 20 latest and best Ankara peplum jacket styles in Nigeria!

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1. Ankara jacket with white jeans

One of the biggest benefits of colourful Ankara peplum jacket styles is that they can be successfully worn with all kinds of bottoms, and pairing your jacket with white jeans is the perfect look for a summer night.

2. Ankara peplum jacket with a bow

Add a youthful feel to your favourite Ankara peplum jacket by decorating it with a bow. The colout combination of this look is also great: coral and green couldn’t have looked more perfect together.

3. Floral peplum jacket

There is the right Ankara fabric for every taste and occasion, and if you’re in a mood for cheerful and trendy florals, then this jacket should be right up your street. The black accents make the whole look even more stylish.

4. Jewel-toned peplum jacket

Autumn is the best time to add some rich jewel tones to your wardrobe. If you choose a peplum jacket made with jewel-toned Ankara, you will get a garment that looks great with all of your other clothes.

5. Office-friendly Ankara jacket look

Here is a proof that with the right bottoms and undershirt you can turn even the most brightly-coloured Ankara peplum jacket into an office friendly look – simply choose black and white colours for the rest of your outfit.

6. Long Ankara peplum jacket

There is no need to feel chilly on a cool autumn night – get yourself a long Ankara peplum jacket that you can throw over your outfit whenever you want.

7. Ankara peplum jacket with shorts

Get the most out of this year’s fashion trends by pairing your beloved peplum Ankara jacket with the ultra-trendy Ankara bike shorts.

8. Flared-sleeve peplum jacket

For a look that is formal enough for any special event like the wedding, combine your peplum Ankara jacket with flared sleeves with your favourite flared dress.

9. Oversized Ankara peplum jacket

The beauty of modern Ankara peplum styles is that they can be customized and altered any way you want: if you want to try the popular oversized trend, your new Ankara peplum jacket is the perfect garment to do it.

10. Belted Ankara peplum jacket

Here is an example how a simple accessory like a leather belt can completely transform the whole look from casual to business smart.

11. Floral Ankara peplum jacket

Another example of fabulous Ankara peplum jackets with a floral pattern is this cute blazer. Made even better by the addition of a black belt, this jacket can become your new favourite work piece.

12. Summer Ankara peplum jacket

The hot summer season is not the reason to give you Ankara fashion: even simple changes like a breezy pattern, trendy colour combination, and shorter sleeves can make it a great summer garment.

13. Long Ankara peplum jacket

A long Ankara jacket with peplum can become your must-have summer piece: just imagine how great it will look with your favourite summer dress or trousers!

14. Peplum jacket with jeans

An Ankara peplum jacket is one of the most versatile pieces in any woman’s wardrobe: this jacket would look fantastic with any jeans, shorts, and skirts.

15. Beaded Ankara peplum jacket

Another genius way to make your Ankara peplum jacket absolutely unique is to add some interesting decorations – for example, complementary-coloured beads.

16. Ankara peplum jacket + skirt

Looking for ways to rock your favourite Ankara print to office? Consider this stylish combination of a perfectly fitted peplum jacket and pencil skirt!

17. Ankara jacket with a wide collar

A unique-looking collar is one more way to make your new Ankara peplum jacket stand out. Plus, it’s super comfy for autumn!

18. Summer Ankara peplum jacket

With the right colours and cut of your new Ankara jacket you can wear it with any summer pieces – for example, these fabulous wide-legged trousers.

19. Peplum jacket with leather trousers

One of the trendiest way to rock an Ankara peplum jacket this year is to wear it with black skinny leather trousers.

20. Red and black peplum jacket

Red and black are the ideal colour combination for autumn, which is why now is the perfect time to add this pairing to your wardrobe by ordering a new peplum Ankara jacket.

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