Ankara Shirts For Guys: 20 Fresh Looks

Ankara shirts are a big part of native styles for men. Ankara shirts for men look perfectly appropriate in all situations, from work to a wedding reception. Discover new handsome ways to wear Ankara with these 20 African shirts for men!

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1. Red and blue Ankara

Red and blue are a classic colour combination, and it looks particularly good when used in one dapper Ankara shirt with white fragments highlighting the intensity of those two shades.

2. Monochrome Ankara shirt

When you’re in doubt over choosing your new Ankara outfit, monochrome is always a good choice – it’s easy to pair with all kinds of bottoms and shoes and perfectly suits every complexion.

3. Autumn Ankara shirt

Autumn is the perfect time to add some jewel tones to your wardrobe: check out how these rich, deep tones of orange, red, turquoise, and purple create a beautiful pattern!

4. Green shirt with Ankara

Even something as subtle as an Ankara pocket square can transform a plain green shirt into one of the best men’s African shirts designs we’ve seen in 2018.

5. White shirt with Ankara

Ankara is a great way to upgrade any white shirt – by adding a colourful Ankara patch, you’ll get a completely new garment that will give you a lot of style points.

6. Long Ankara shirt with jeans

Instead of pairing your favourite blue jeans with an old T-shirt, try wearing them with a beautiful long shirt made with colourful yellow and red Ankara with black accents.

7. White shirt with Ankara collar

Not ready for striking and visually arresting African print shirts for guys? Start slowly by getting a perfectly casual white polo shirt with a fun Ankara collar!

8. Ankara cardigan

For a fresh and modern take on Ankara fashion for men, try adding an Ankara cardigan to your wardrobe – just imagine how great it will look with your jeans!

9. Blue Ankara shirt

Not all Ankara shirts for guys need to have eye-catching designs and colours – even understated patterns in a variety of blue shades work perfectly for special occasions.

10. Mix and match Ankara shirt

If you can’t be satisfied with just one Ankara pattern in your new dress shirt, try this mix and match technique that combines two complementary Ankara patters in one garment.

11. Ankara native wear shirt

Show off your love and respect for Nigerian native wear for men with this traditional shirt made with modern Ankara patterned fabric.

12. Long-sleeve Ankara shirt

When it comes to African shirts, men’s biggest wish is a perfect fit – just look how a perfectly fitted Ankara shirt upgrades the whole look!

13. Casual Ankara shirt

There is always a need to add another Ankara shirt to your collection, and a casual shirt in a universally attractive pattern is a great choice of an outfit.

14. Ankara shirt for summer

Summer fashion is all about striking colours and bold combinations, and few things are as striking as a pink, blue, and yellow Ankara shirt pattern.

15. Classic Ankara shirt

One of the key requirements for recreating the “classic man” look, which is so hot in Nigeria right now, is a traditional, well-fitted, long Ankara shirt.

16. Blue plain and pattern shirt

One more example of the popular technique for creating Ankara shirts where Ankara fabric is paired with plain fabric is this gorgeous dark blue shirt.

17. White and Kente shirt

If you already have plenty of Ankara styles in your wardrobe, add some Kente fashion to your style with this versatile white shirt with Kente accents.

18. Yellow Ankara shirt

Upgrade your autumn wardrobe with this deep-coloured yellow and red Ankara shirt that looks equally great with all kinds of jeans and trousers.

19. Dark blue Ankara shirt

This dark blue shirt with dark blue Ankara fragments is a high-fashion take on the casual Ankara shirt for men.

20. Pink Ankara shirt

It talks a bold man to rock this vibrant shade of pink, but if you decide to add this pink and Ankara shirt to your collection, you’re guaranteed to be the best-dressed many anywhere.

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