Aso Ebi Styles: The Latest From 2018

Various Aso Ebi styles remain the most popular thing to wear to the most special of events. Thanks to the variety of Asoebi styles available today, you can find just the right thing for every occasion. Check out the latest Aso Ebi designs from 2018!

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1. Short Aso Ebi styles

Many of the latest Aso Ebi styles are short dresses that have a knee length. These gowns look appropriate in any situation and are a great way to combine traditional fashion for women with modern clothing trends.

Aso Ebi styles with cord lace are considered a must-have for Nigerian ladies in 2018: they are cute, fashionable, and can be used in so many different situations.

Some Aso Ebi looks stand out purely thanks to their unusual colour combination. The pairing of turquoise and fuchsia is an unexpected one, but very successful nonetheless.

An Aso Ebi gown with multiple lengths is a great way to get an outfit that is perfectly appropriate for any occasion, but still has a fun twist.

Floral decorations are a big part of the newest Aso Ebi designs, and if you truly love florals in clothes, this is one of the best ways to make your love show.

When it comes to Aso Ebi styles, lace is an integral part of many designs, and even when it’s used only as an accent, it still looks very striking.

Looking for the hottest trends for Aso Ebi dresses? Then make sure not to miss fringe, which is one of the most popular Aso Ebi decorations of the year.

If you want to rock an ultra short dress for your Aso Ebi but still want to look perfectly appropriate, consider this little trick of adding a long tulle skirt over a short one.

Ready to go all in with your new Aso Ebi look? Then choose a striking gown with a full skirt and an equally striking matching rose gele!

In case the dress code for the event is rather relaxed, you can switch traditional Aso Ebi for a trendy and lovely cocktail dress.

Enjoy a bit of retro chic with flared Aso Ebi lace gown styles and a beautiful gele to match!

2. Long Aso Ebi styles

For some ladies long Aso Ebi gowns are still the favourite item of clothing to wear to an important event like a wedding, and it’s not surprising – long gowns are chic, always in vogue, and look fabulous on any body type.

Why limit your Aso Ebi gowns to just one or two colours when you can have as many as you want by simply adding colourful sequins to the skirt?

Express your love for the two traditional Nigerian fabrics, Ankara and lace, by combining both in one beautiful outfit.

Here is another example of how great Ankara and lace look together: this is a dream come true look for any wedding!

The adorable and feminine peach colour hasn’t lost a bit of its popularity among Nigerian Aso Ebi wearers!

French lace Aso Ebi styles are always chic, but they look especially fantastic in black.

Kente fabric isn’t the most common choice for modern Aso Ebi styles, but no one will be surprised by how gorgeously it fits the Aso Ebi dress.

Spice up your Aso Ebi look by adding a daring slit in front of the dress!

Here is a different way to add some floral style to your new Aso Ebi dress: made from the same fabric as the dress and decorated with delicate beads, this flower will make you the star of any party.

There is nothing wrong for choosing the most traditional kind of Aso Ebi: this classic dress with an open neckline and a sequence is called classic for a reason!

Choose an interesting Ankara fabric for your Aso Ebi and let it speak for itself – a beautiful pattern doesn’t need any complicated designs.

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