Birthday Cake For Ladies: 2018’s Top Trends!

Modern trendy birthday cake designs are no longer filled with bright colors and lovely cream ruches reminding us about from our childhood. Some birthday cakes for women trends lead a little away from the classic sense of beauty, so you should always listen to yourself before following fashion.

Let’s see what latest cake designs for birthday for ladies in a favor today!

birthday cake for girls

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1. Mastic cake designs for birthday girl

Stylish birthday cakes made of mastic are pretty fashionable. They look beautiful and last longer than the cream-covered ones. Confectioners can create many different and interesting masterpieces made out of mastic, with various figurines – that’s why these cakes are so appreciated!

People make a delicious chocolate icing for the cake decorating – and these cakes look and taste perfect!

birthday cake designs

2. «Naked» cakes

So-called «naked cakes» with lush layers also look very beautiful. Live berries, fruits, and sweet flowers are used for the designing.

latest cake designs for birthday

3. Fashion cake designs for ladies

One of the trends in decorating modern cakes for women are the cakes, created in the “Fashion” style, designed with the edible handbags and accessories.

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birthday cakes for women

4. Minimalistic cakes

The worlds of fashion clothes and manicure have its own trends, and the pastry industry is not an exception. The minimalistic trend is relevant nearly everywhere, so fashionable birthday cakes without frills and unnecessary details in one tone will be just perfect for everyone!

cake designs for ladies

5. Ombre birthday cake for ladies

Also, the cake can be made in “Ombre” style with a delicate color transition.

cake designs for birthday girl

6. Cakes of macaroons and cakes made out of little cakes

There are also original cakes that are made of several tiny cakes, macaroons, and small cakes. In addition to a variety of cream types that cakes are soaked in. Also, it is a perfect idea to use different types of fillings.

You can create any cake with any filling that will look the way you will want it!

birthday cake for ladies

7. Printed birthday cake for girls

Amazing floral ornaments no longer can be found only in nature’s landscapes. You can give a breath to delicious cake design with the spring’s bright and bold floral prints!

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birthday cake for girls

8. Disco cakes

The sparkling and twinkling cake is ideal for a cool birthday party with disco music and dances!

birthday cake designs

9. Lavender latest cake designs for birthday

The Ultra Violet is the main trendy color of 2018, and the lavender palette is everywhere!

latest cake designs for birthday

10. Dark denim blue cakes

Dark denim is our best friend this year, and it would be cool and beautiful if your cake would be THAT trendy!

birthday cakes for women

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