Business That Moves Fast In Nigeria: The Top 10

Whether you are dreaming of starting your first business or are an experienced entrepreneur, it’s clear that a fast business in Nigeria is better than a slow one. If you’re currently considering launching a start up business in Nigeria, here are 10 best fast growing small business ideas.

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1. Security business

Security has become a fast moving business in Nigeria in the past few years, as Nigerians began to realize that the government cannot immediately solve all of their security concerns. Security services, surveillance, bodyguards, and a variety of high-tech security gadgets are only some of the ways to get into security business.

2. Call centre

Did you know that most of the times you’re calling a company customer service, your call is answered by someone who has never even worked for the company? An outsource call centre has recently become a business that moves fast in Nigeria that is also easily scalable from a home office to a huge call centre.

3. Agriculture

Nigeria is determined to decrease the consumption of imported food products, which agriculture is currently the fastest growing business in Nigeria. The variety of things you can go ranges from livestock, fish, and snails to vegetables, fruits, rice, nuts, and even producing flour and other popular food products.

4. Property

Real estate is often thought to be a very expensive business to get into, but it is certainly worth the investment. The most effective way to make a career in property is to flip houses and apartments: but them for a low price, renovate, and sell or rent out at a higher price to make a profit.

5. Pure water

Water is much more than just one of the fast moving consumer goods in Nigeria – it’s a necessity that every living being needs to exist. Producing and selling pure water to individuals or offices is a business that requires a respectable capital, but it also brings great rewards.

6. Alternative energy

There are at least two reasons why you won’t regret starting an alternative energy business. First, Nigerians will be more than happy to pay for an opportunity to be independent from the volatile Nigerian energy situation. Second, solar and wind energy is the energy of the future.

7. Clothing

Economic situation may change, but Nigerian people want to look good regardless of the finances. Selling ready-made clothes or sewing clothes from scratch as a professional tailor gives you lots of room for growing your business and is one of the steadiest businesses today in Nigeria.

8. Internet services

More and more Nigerians are moving their business and personal stuff to the internet, and you can be the one to help them with it. Launching an internet agency that offers services like website creation, content marketing, search engine optimization, and graphic design can be your way to a successful enterprise.

9. Delivery

Even though Nigerian roads leave a lot to be desired, Nigerians still prefer to use delivery services to transport various goods, from furniture to oil and petroleum. This is one of the easiest businesses to get into, and it’s also one of the few businesses in Nigeria that doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

10. Food

If you’re not ready to produce food products with an agricultural business, you can make money by starting a fast food business. Sell delicious, high quality food from a fast food joint, truck, or market stall, and become part of the business that will survive any changes in the economy.

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