Carrot oil for skin lightening: quick, easy & effective DIY recipes

The carrot is one of the best sources of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, especially to enhance your skin health and beauty.

Thanks to beta-carotene, carrot oil for skin lightening is the best choice. There are other benefits of carrot oil: it helps to cope with skin aging and fading, smoothes fine wrinkles, soothes sensitive skin, regulates the secretion of sebum and even fights melanoderma!

Find out everything about the useful properties of carrot oil, as well as about its use and mask with recipes with beta-carotene oil for skin – simply read on!

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1. Benefits of carrot oil for skin of different types

  • In winter and early spring, carrot oil helps to fill the lack of vitamins in the skin.
  • Carrot essential oil is extremely effective for mature and dry skin: it improves the work of sebaceous and sweat glands, promotes cell renewal, makes the skin supple and smooth while improving its color.
  • As a protective agent, it can be used in frosty and windy weather. It cleanses the skin, nourishes it and brings back a youthful glow to it.
  • In summer, carrot oil acts as a sunscreen, but it also “attracts” tan, and this tan turns out to be more even and beautiful – simply mix carrot oil with walnut oil or sesame oil for this purpose.
  • Carrot oil brightens pigmented spots and helps heal scars. There are numerous successful examples of uses of carrot oil in skin diseases: psoriasis, eczema, boils, abscesses, itching, vitiligo. It even heals ulcers that couldn’t have been treated for a long time.
  • Carrot oil is a wonderful care for healthy skin. It can be added to your cream or used in a mixture with almond oil: it tones up the skin, and even eliminates fine wrinkles. Take 3-5 drops of essential oil of carrots for 10 g of base oil or cream.
  • You can always combine it with other essential oils: for example, rosemary, petitgrane, juniper, neroli, lemon and other essential oils for skin whitening like lavender, lime, lemon balm, orange, bergamot, etc.

Note: if you have oily skin prone to acne you should not use this oil since it increases the production of sebum.

Carrot Seed Oil Benefits

Carrot Seed oil acts as an antiseptic and a carminative. It is also a depurative, diuretic, stimulant, tonic, carrot seed oil is rich in Carotene and Vitamin-A, both of which are very beneficial for the eyes and are effective antioxidants. DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational use only.

2. Carrot Benefits for Skin: 6 Best Home Mask Recipes

2.1. Mask for dry skin

If you have dry skin, it’s good to use this mixture:

  • Essential oils of carrots, geraniums, and yarrow – 1 ml each;
  • Vegetable oils – jojoba, wheat germ and borago – 10 ml each;
  • Almond and apricot – 15 ml each.

A mixture of oils is spread over the cleansed face in the morning and evening.

2.2. Mask against skin aging

  • Carrot, immortelle and yarrow oil – 1 ml each;
  • Oils of borage, jojoba, evening primrose – 10 ml;
  • Wheat germ oil and apricot oil – 15 ml each.

Apply in the same way.

2.3. Mask against wrinkles

Numerous carrot oil for skin reviews demonstrate high efficiency of carrot oil in the following combination against wrinkles:

  • Oat flour, avocado pulp and borage oil – 1 tbsp each;
  • Carrot and ylang-ylang seed oil – 3 drops each.

Ingredients must be carefully mixed and the mixture should be applied over face and neck in a thin layer. Hold for 20 minutes. Remove the mask with a tampon dipped in a lotion or tonic according to skin type.

2.4. Carrot oil for skin whitening

Carrot oil is one of the best natural skin lighteners. A mixture of this oil and lemon juice can bleach the skin and reduce the number of freckles and age spots even in home conditions.

2.5. Mask against acne

Teenage acne is well treated with a mixture of these essential oils on an alcohol basis:

  • Carrot, lavender, rosewood oils – 1 ml each;
  • Tea tree – 2 ml;
  • Immortelle – 0.5 ml.

Dissolve them in 15 ml of alcohol, and apply on acne sparingly 2-3 times a day.

2.6. Mask for tanning

You can also make some home tanning oil:

  • Mix olive oil with jojoba oil, avocado and sesame oil – 50 ml each;
  • Add a mixture of essential oils of carrots and petitgrane.

Mix well again and apply to the skin before going to sunbathe.

3. How to make carrot oil at home

How To Make Carrot Oil

You can download the full recipe @ **Ingredients** 3 carrots (2 were kinda small) 1 cup of olive oil 1 cup coconut oil 4 to 6 drops vanilla essential oil OR 1/2 vanilla bean **Instructions** 1. Wash and peel your carrots. 2. Grate the carrots.

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