DStv Nigeria 2018 Packages

For millions of Nigerians, DStv is the most convenient and affordable way to dive into the thrilling world of satellite television. A subdivision of Naspers, DStv in Nigeria offers packages for every family and budget. Find out more about DStv packages and prices right now!

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1. DStv decoders

In order to access the dozens of channels offered by DStv, you’re going to need a DStv decoder. Today there are two decoders you can choose from – the DStv Explora and DStv HD.

1. DStv HD

The DStv HD decoder is the most common one in Nigerian households. It’s DStv’s most affordable offering, but it has all the features you’re looking for in a decoder, such as fantastic image quality and easy installation.

The HD DStv decoder price in Nigeria depends on which package you choose to go with it: the cheapest option is 11,900, which includes a decoder and a 1-month Compact subscription, while the most expensive one is 20,900, which also includes a 1-month Premium subscription.

2. DStv Explora

The DStv Explora is a more expensive options. Here prices for the decoders depend not only on the package, but also at the presence of additional functionality. The cheapest Explora decoder will cost you 52,100, while the most expensive one costs 61,100.

All Explora decoder models have have such features as recording, movie rental, internet downloading, and rewind/pause/resume functionality. Plus, they can include one of the three subscription packages: Compact, Compact Plus, and Premium.

2. DStv packages 2018

Currently there are 6 DStv packages available for you to choose from. The packages range from just 1,600 to 15,800. Here are all six packages, ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

1. DStv FTA Plus

The most affordable DStv package costs just 1,600. However, it doesn’t offer much: there are only six channels featured in the package, including Lagos TV, Silverbird, MiTV, AIT, Channels, and NTA I.

2. DStv Access

The second most affordable package offered by DStv costs 2,000 a month. This channel has 92 channels for the whole family, ranging from local channels like Lagos TV and MiTV to 5 music channels, 4 children’s channels, and bonus 11 audio channels.

3. DStv Family

The DStv Family package of channels costs 4,000 a month. It offers 110 channels, where you will find not only your favourite Nigerian and African channels, but also internationally beloved channels like BBC World News, CNN, and EuroNews.

4. DStv Compact

For 6,800, which is the current DStv Compact price in Nigeria, you will get 165 TV channels and 47 audio channels. Besides the favourite channels you would find in other packages, this one also includes special channels like Food Network and TLC Entertainment.

5. DStv Compact Plus

DStv Compact Plus is an upgraded version of the DStv Compact package. For ₦10,560 a month you will get 174 TV channels and 47 audio channels. This package includes a variety of movie channels, even the ones showing Hausa and Yoruba films.

6. DStv Premium

The most expensive channel package currently offered by DStv costs 15,800 a month and includes 183 channels. This package has the ideal channel for every family member plus rare channels like Shanghai Dragon TV and Deutsche Welle, which are definitely worth checking out.

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