How To Make Spiral Bead Necklace

Jewelry is a welcome addition to any outfit and style, but only when you make your own jewelry, you can choose the colours and looks for your new piece. Wondering how to make a gorgeous spiral beaded necklace? Learn from our tutorial!

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1. What you’ll need

So which tools and materials should you have at hand to make your first ever spiral bead necklace? Here is a list of everything you’ll need:

  • 11/0 seed beads – 2 colours
  • Beading thread
  • Needle
  • Two clasps
  • Cone findings (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pliers

Many DIY experts also prefer using thread conditioner, which prevents the thread from tangling, but if you can’t find it, you can still make the necklace. Make sure you have enough thread: it’s better to have some of the thread left after you finish the work than to run out of it while you’re still making the necklace.

2. How to make a spiral bead necklace

Now that you have everything ready for this exciting DIY project and have picked two colours of beads that complement each other, let’s find out how to make a beaded spiral necklace.

  1. Put your two types of beads in front of you and decide which are going to be the core beads and which you want to be the spiral beads.
  2. Put a thread through the needle and pull the thread through four core and three spiral beads, leaving a 15cm tail.
  3. Slide the needle back through the first four beads and pull the thread through them. Press the spiral and the core beads together and slide them to the left. This is how the first stitch of your necklace is done.
  4. Put one core and three spiral beads on the needle, then slide the needle through the last four  core beads without touching the first core bead.
  5. Tighten the thread and slide the beads to the left before doing the next stitch.
  6. Repeat the pattern by adding one core and three spiral beads and then sending the needle through the last four core beads. Remember to push the construction to the left after each stitch.
  7. Continue doing the same pattern until your necklace reaches the desired length. When you’re ready to finish, you can put two cone findings on each side of the necklace to conceal the possibly uneven ends of the necklace.
  8. Attach two parts of the clasp on each end of the necklace. This is it – your spiral bead necklace is completed and ready to be flaunted!

3. Spiral bead necklace styles

Looking for some inspiration for creating a new beaded spiral necklace? Here are some of our favourite spiral necklace styles.

Blue and black are a very popular choice of colours for beaded necklaces: it’s super elegant and can look great with all kinds of outfits.

A right yellow and green spiral necklace can add a summer feel to any of your looks and cheer you up on a day when nothing else can.

This spiral necklace is a bit more complex than the one on our tutorial, but when you feel comfortable enough with beads, definitely try this sophisticated green and gold combination.

Here is how you can combine your favourite pastel colour pairing with other popular jewelry materials – for example, the lovely pink pearls.

Coral and white not only look fabulous together, but also allow you to pay homage to your African culture using your new favourite necklace.

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