Most Adorable Wedding Proposals In Nigeria!

When you understand, that you wish to spend the whole life with this incredible girl, you want to make one of the most romantic proposals ever!

But even the most romantic guys often get lost, because they have no idea of how to make a marriage proposal in a beautiful and original way.

We are here to help you and offer you 10 best marriage proposals and fresh ideas for this momentous event!

proposal ideas

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1. Use the “one ring” trick

Replace all her jewelry and rings with the wedding one. This is one of the coolest and inexpensive proposal ideas!

The best moment to do this is when she gets ready for work in the morning. But you can choose even more spectacular moment: before you are going to a romantic dinner, in the theater or on a holiday. Then the whole evening will be very special!

marriage proposal ideas

2. Try the «dolphin offer»!

This is another super-romantic way among the wedding proposal ideas.

If there is a dolphinarium in your city. you should definitely take this idea to your consideration!

When you will swim with your girlfriend along with the dolphins, and then, when she gets out of the water, distract her for a minute, and the dolphin with a box on the nose will float up behind you. When a girl sees this miracle, make her an offer!

romantic ways to propose

3. Go the “doggy style”!

Put a sign with the phrase “will you marry us?” on the neck of your beloved dog!

This is an incredibly charming and cute way to make a marriage proposal to a girl. These are not just beautiful words, but a real invitation to join you forever.

wedding proposal ideas

4. Go the “magnetic way”!

Romantic ways to propose can be quite simple but yet amazing!

Use the magnets on the refrigerator to make a proposal. You can make the proposal in an interesting and original way at the place where you live together. And she can immediately write you an answer!

best marriage proposals

5. Ask her parents for her hand

Such a traditional way always causes respect, but you have to be brave enough to do this!

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romantic proposals

6. Try the butterfly firework

You can pack a ring by hiding it in a box with the tropical butterflies. Try to open it in a beautiful calm place full of greenery and flowers – the effect will be amazing!

surprise proposal ideas

7. Go “view from the window” way

If you are looking for surprise proposal ideas, but you’re on a tight budget, here’s the one you will like!

Make inscriptions on the pavement in front of her windows! This is classics, but this is always cool.

You can use paint or chalk: write the main words or create a whole beautiful drawing of a heart. Then you can think of the best way to make your girl come to the window – write a note or SMS, make a call, shout her name into the loudspeaker or even order an orchestra!

marriage proposal

8. Make an offer from the crane tower

This is a beautiful, exciting and tasteful way to make an offer: huge bright balloons, music and you, in the cradle of the crane! You can make a surprise at home and at work, or during the celebration, in order to share the joy with our closest friends!

proposal ideas

9. Make a bet on the car show

Marriage proposal ideas can be quite expensive, but we bet she will remember this event forever!

Invite her to the first night race in the city, have fun. After the awards ceremony, the drivers of the car will make a special presentation with drifting and crazy turns, eventually lining up the letters in the parking lot “Will you marry me”?

This is an expensive offer, but the effect will be amazing!

marriage proposal ideas

10. Enjoy the themed party after your scenario!

Order a party and invite your girlfriend to it. The organizers of the show will make it so that you will be in the focus of attention on the plot, and your offer will become the apotheosis of the evening!

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romantic ways to propose

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