How To Tie Bridal Gele: Step By Step Tutorial

A bridal gele is an essential component of any wedding. It’s the finishing touch to the bride’s wedding look and an important part of the Nigerian cultural heritage. Find out how to tie it the right way with the help of our tutorial and How To Tie Bridal Gele video download.

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1. What is gele?

Most Nigerian women are more than familiar with the concept of gele. A gele is a head tie that has historically been worn by ladies on a daily basis, although now many

women prefer to wear their gele on the most special of occasions – for example, weddings.

Usually, gele is made from a firm fabric that can hold its shape well. You can see bridal gele made from solid-colored or patterned fabric. Many brides prefer to decorate their gele with beads, rhinestones, pearls, and other elements, while others go for a plain and elegant gele.

2. How to tie bridal gele

Want to know how to tie gele bridal style? Follow these steps to achieve the most perfect look for your wedding!

  1. The first step in creating a beautiful gele look is securing your hair so that it doesn’t get in a way. The most popular ways to do it is to tie the hair into a high ponytail or bun or wearing a wig cap. You can easily make your own wig cap from pantyhose!
  2. To ensure the neat look of your gele, fold the end of the fabric that is going to be in the front.
  3. Wrap the fabric around your head from the back to the front. Control the ends of gele – when you run out of fabric to wrap, the ends should have equal length.
  4. Take the left end of the fabric and wrap it all around your head to the back. Do the same with the right end in an opposite direction. Hold both ends tightly with your hands and make sure the gele is closely fitted to your head.
  5. Secure the gele by tying the ends into a double knot and hiding the leftover ends underneath the fabric.
  6. Now you can begin arranging the folds and layers of the gele. If you’ve done everything right, you will have layers of gele on top of your head. First fold the back part, so that it creates the necessary volume of the gele.
  7. Next, you can arrange the front part. Use your fingers to create pleats and lines. This step may take some beforehand practice.
  8. When the gele looks exactly like you wanted, you can push it back a little bit – make sure not to push too far, otherwise, there is a risk of the gele sliding all the way down when you least expect it.

This is how to tie gele for a bride. Take a look at this how to tie bridal gele tutorial video to get an even better idea of the gele tying process!

How to tie the nigerian bridal gele


3. Nigerian bridal gele styles

Are you looking for your perfect bridal gele? Here are some gele styles from Nigerian brides that you can use for inspiration!

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