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Bachelor’s Day In China: How To Make Money

How to make money on Singles' Day

In China, November 11 Singles Day is more than just a holiday for lonely hearts – it’s the biggest shopping event of the year. Millions of people are looking forward to November 11 China sales, and if you’re wondering how to make money fast, here is how to do it on Bachelor’s Day 2018!

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1. What is Singles’ Day in China?

Since 1993, China has celebrated the annual alternative to Valentine’s Day – the Singles’ Day on November 11. In 2009 China’s largest online retailer Alibaba decided to turn this day into a 11 11 online shopping celebration for the whole world.

Since then, millions of people are taking part in November 11 Chinese online shopping. In the past few years the Singles Day China sales have surpassed the Black Friday sales – only in 2017 buyers spent over $25 billions in just 24 hours!

How to make money on Singles' Day

2. Can you make money on November 11?

Most people are waiting for the Chinese Single Day online shopping to buy the products they’ve wanted for a long time with huge discounts – on this day thousands of products are sold up to 90% cheaper than normally.

However, for some people this day is also an opportunity to make cash. Wondering how to make money on the internet using the biggest shopping event of the year? We will tell you how!

3. How to make money with 11.11 sales

There are many easy ways to make money online that can be used all year round, but when there is just one day to start a profitable business, you need to be prepared. The way to make cash with 11.11 sales is to buy products in China at lower prices and then resell them in Nigeria at a profitable margin.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make money online using Chinese Singles’ Day sales.

  1.  The first thing you need to do is pick the products you want to sell. You can choose just one category, or buy products from several categories. The most profitable products to buy from China are mobile phone accessories, small electronics, health and beauty items, jewelry and watches, toys, clothing, shoes, bags, and home goods.
  2. Make a list of products you want to buy and take some time to compare the prices for the same products across different Aliexpress sellers. Try to buy as many products from one seller as possible to avoid different delivery times and get your products in bulk.
  3. Order the products and wait for them to get delivered. When they arrive, take plenty of well-lit, detailed photos of each product. You can also use photos of the product from Aliexpress, but at least one or two photos you use should be made by you, showing that the product is real.
  4. Go to Jiji and create an account, if you still haven’t got one. Start creating ads one by one. Make sure to write an attractive title and a detailed product description that will make the product irresistible to the buyer. Publish your ads and get ready to sell for profit!
  5. One of the most important aspects of reselling products from Aliexpress is the price. There is no universal rule on the price to set for your products: it all depends on how much you originally paid for the product, the type of the product, and how much you think the buyers are willing to pay. Generally, small products like jewelry and makeup can be sold with up to 300% profit, but the profit from larger and more expensive goods will obviously be lower.

How to make money on Singles' Day

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