Bodycon Dresses You Will Love

It seems like bodycon dresses have been popular forever, but the truth is that they got their newest wave of popularity only a couple of years ago. Check out 20 of our favourite latest bodycon dress styles to get inspiration for your new outfit!

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1. Colourful bodycon dress

A bodycon midi dress with a vibrant print and sleeveless design is a true must-have of summer fashion – it can be worn anywhere with the right accessories!

Bodycon styles you will love

2. Black bodycon dress

One of the most important bodycon dress style tips you’ll ever hear is that this type of dress is very self-sufficient and can look fabulous in a solid colour without any attention-grabbing accessories.

3. Fuchsia bodycon dress

For a dress like this one, the design is what makes the whole look. The intricate neckline certainly won’t let you go unnoticed at any event.

4. Denim bodycon dress

If a patterned bodycon dress is a must-have for summer, a denim grey bodycon dress is ideal for fall and winter. You can also wear it casually with sneakers or ballet pumps.

5. Long sleeve bodycon dress

Another way to rock bodycon fashion during autumn and winter is a bodycon dress with long sleeves – they make the outfit more versatile and add to its elegance.

6. Nude bodycon dress

Nude is one of the trendiest colours of the season, so a nude bodycon dress is always a good idea. For maximum style points, wear a monochrome nude-coloured outfit with the bodycon dress as the star.

7. Print bodycon dress

When you want to make a lasting impression on everyone with your bodycon dress, choose a dress with a major print instead of a subtle pattern.

8. Bodycon crop top and skirt

Bodycon dresses and crop top and skirt combinations are two of the biggest fashion trends of the past couple of years, so it was only a matter of time before they would meet in one beautiful look.

9. Bandage bodycon dress

Hundreds of Nigerian and international celebrities have already rocked the bandage bodycon dress trend, and now is the perfect time to add one to your wardrobe.

10. Military bodycon dress

The military theme looks so good in women’s fashion, and this bodycon dress outfit is the best proof – the khaki colour, metallic accents, and camouflage clutch are simply fabulous!

11. Red bodycon dress

Wondering how you can make an off the shoulder bodycon dress or simply sleeveless bodycon dress more appropriate for autumn? Simply throw over a denim jacket to create a chic combo!

12. Floral bodycon dress

There should be at least one floral dress in every woman’s collection, and this mini bodycon dress is an excellent choice.

13. Blue bodycon dress

A bodycon dress is an extremely versatile piece of clothing: this royal blue dress can be successfully worn to any occasion!

14. Black and white bodycon dress

Black and white can be a rather dramatic colour combination, which perfectly balances out the relaxed design of this bodycon dress.

15. Black bodycon dress

You can make even a plain black bodycon dress the most stylish piece in your wardrobe if you wear it with the right accessories – and we’re simply in love with this colourful hair.

16. Ankara bodycon dress

Ankara always makes its way into the latest trends, which is why we’re seeing more and more Ankara bodycon dresses right now in Nigeria.

17. Coral bodycon dress

Wondering how to wear a bodycon dress casually? Nearly any bodycon dress can be worn as part of your casual style if you pair it with sneakers!

18. Patchwork Ankara bodycon dress

Can’t choose just one Ankara print for your bodycon dress? With the adorable patchwork style you don’t need to!

19. Maxi bodycon gown

There are plenty of long bodycon gowns that are perfect even for the most important occasions like weddings and corporate parties.

20. Blue and gold bodycon dress

Even the biggest Nigerian celebrities can’t stay away from the growing bodycon dress trend – watch Omotola rock her blue bodycon gown with metallic accents!

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