Boost Your Jiji Ads With Up To 30% Off

Buy Boost and TOP on Jiji

This week the whole world is celebrating Black Friday, and Nigerian buyers will rush to Jiji to find the greatest deals on their favourite products. Make sure your products are seen by more buyers with huge discounts on Jiji Boost and TOP ads!

Celebrate Black Friday 2018 with Jiji

1. What are Boost and TOP ads?

Every day there are thousands of new ads posted on Jiji in every category, which means that every day your ads appear lower on the search results. There is a risk of your ads being seen by fewer people, which also results in a lower chance of sale.

That is why Jiji has designed a solution for all sellers who want to maximize their sales every day of the year. The solution is called Boost and TOP ads, which you can buy to make your ads more visible to every Jiji visitor.

Buy Boost and TOP on Jiji

2. How does it work?

So how exactly do Boost and TOP ads work? The difference between the two promotions is that you can buy TOP for select ads, while a Boost package works for all of the ads that are currently active in your profile.

When you order one of those packages, your ads become featured in search results more often and are more visible for potential buyers. The most successful Jiji sellers are already using Boost and TOP packages, so if you’re looking for a way to increase your sales, do it with Boost and TOP!

Here are just some of the benefits of buying Boost and TOP for your ads:

  • Your ads will be renewed automatically every couple of days
  • You can promote any number of ads with TOP
  • The Boost package will promote all of your ads
  • Your ads will be displayed higher in the search results
  • All Boost and TOP ads are highlighted to make them stand out

Buy Boost and TOP on Jiji

3. Boost and TOP Black Friday discounts

Jiji is determined to help every seller maximize their sales potential, and there is no better time to make an effort to increase your profits than Black Friday. To help you celebrate Black Friday with more sales, Jiji offers you an opportunity to buy Boost and TOP with up to 30% off:

  • Boost VIP 6m – 67,499 (25% off, was 89,999)
  • Boost Premium 1m – 11,999 (20% off, was 14,999)
  • TOP 10 – 7,999 (27% off, was 10,999)
  • TOP 25 – 14,999 (25% off, was 19,999)

The discounts begin today, on November 19, and will be available until November 25. If you want to move your sales and profits to the next level with Jiji Boost and TOP packages, now is the best time to do it, as prices for the packages have never been lower!

Buy Boost and TOP on Jiji

4. How to buy Boost and TOP packages

If you’re ready to increase your profits from selling stuff on Jiji, here is the easy step-by-step guide on promoting your ads with Boost and TOP:

  1. Open your account on jiji.ng or the Jiji app.
  2. Choose “Premium Services”.
  3. Choose Boost if you want to promote all ads or TOP if you want to promote select ads.
  4. Choose the package that best suits your needs.
  5. Select the payment method and pay for your package.

That’s it – now your ads will be promoted by Jiji, resulting in better visibility, more buyers discovering your products, and, of course, increased profits from sales!

Buy Boost and TOP on Jiji

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