Boost Your Sales On Black Friday: 5 Relevant Strategies

According to Custora and other authoritative web resources, the number of sales to Black Friday increased by 16.1% last year. It is planned that this year the growth will be much higher. But the higher is the competition, the more difficult it is for marketers to come up with a good newsletter and unique promotion strategy.

We give you our 5 best examples of successful advertising campaigns that you can apply in business and increase the Black Friday sales to the maximum!

Boost Your Sales On Black Friday

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1. Design an interesting special offer

  • Close all current discounts, promotions, great deals, etc. before November 24th.
  • Develop a system of discounts for each popular product/service that you submit on “Black Friday”.
  • Think over additional conditions that will promote sales: 90% of customers opt for an online store with free shipping, and a guarantee of delivery for 2-3 days makes the probability of placing an order 50% higher!

Boost Your Sales On Black Friday

2. Create a successful content plan

  • Notify the followers that you have a day of unbelievable sales coming.
  • Work on catchy photo, video and text content for the Black Friday.
  • Facebook subscribers watch live broadcasts 3 times more often and comment 10 times more than usual broadcasts or regular videos. Make a live broadcast from your offline trading point or arrange a stream with an overview of the main special offers of the upcoming Black Friday, give answers to popular questions.

Boost Your Sales On Black Friday

3. Work with the possible objections

“Black Friday” means crowds of people in offline points, long time waiting for the answers from online stores’ administrators, and many “fake” discounts. Dispel this myth by working out these and other objections in advance and reflect them in your social networks:

  • Notify that the account/group/website administrator will work on this day in full readiness, and that anyone will be able quickly and conveniently place an order.
  • Justify the value of discounts and specify the two prices: the regular price for the product/service and the significantly different “ONLY TODAY” price. Black Friday Madness! Over 100,000+ awesomely priced electronics from the best sellers!

Boost Your Sales On Black Friday

4. Set up effective targeted advertising

  • If you have a Facebook pixel on your website, set up retargeting for those who have already visited it. And for those who have made a purchase or left a request, make another offer to get the higher conversion.
  • If you have no website yet, set the target for the audience that have interacted with the business profile.
  • If you do not even have a business profile, but you are selling on Instagram, then aim for active shopaholics in the detailed targeting settings.

Boost Your Sales On Black Friday

5. Create a letter with a unique discount offer

Customers who have subscribed to your newsletter but have not downloaded the application yet are your perfect goal. Of course, it is better to do a personalized newsletter with offers.

For example, «Black Friday» – 40% discount on every item»!

It really works, since there is no meaningless and nothing superfluous in the letter. The letter should directly announce the sale and contain an explicit call-to-action! To write an effective letter, it is enough to have a good relevant proposal, clearly formulate the topic and link it with the text of the letter.

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